[Pre-order] leather passport holder / passport holder | Mojito Moxito - Coco [add purchase lettering]

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[!!! This is a pre-order item!!!] It’s not just a passport house, it’s a good helper for your trip. ‧ oil wax leather passport holder ‧ 1/4 round mezzanine for air tickets ‧ 2 enlarged card compartments on the left ‧ The bottom left layer can hold banknot


[Pre-order] leather passport holder / passport holder | Mojito Moxito - Coco [add purchase lettering]


// Do you also have the following problems or needs? Miss A said: "The ticket that is checked-in is not used right away, but it seems to be ready at any time." Mr. B said: "The ticket is caught in the passport and is afraid of falling. I want to take it well but I don't want the ticket to be creased." → "Mojito Mohito leather passport holder" left side fan-shaped open mezzanine Protected tickets are not easily dropped, but they are easy to take Mrs. C said: "There are so many cards, I don't know which one to put." Mr. D said: "Going abroad requires a document, but I am afraid that the wallet is too conspicuous." → "Mojito Mohito Leather Passport Clip" on the left side of the double card Suitable for placing all kinds of tickets, cards and banknotes. It is also good to put three cards in one frame. The most common credit card or transportation ticket card is stored in the upper deck. The lower deck is deliberately blocked by the fan-shaped interlayer. If it is looming, it is most suitable for hiding documents or banknotes. Mrs. E said: "The credit card sign that has just returned the tax is going to be collected, but it is afraid to be mixed with other receipts." F classmate said: "When you go out, the money is not white, but you can't take money from your shoes when you can't check out." → "Mojito Mohito Leather Passport Holder" left undivided mezzanine Large space, lined mezzanine, allowing you to store whatever you want or hide Mrs. G said: "From the check-in to the customs, the passport has been collected and taken, will it be collected?" F brother said: "Is there a passport holder that can accept two passports at a time?" → "Mojito Mohito leather passport holder" on the right side of the single compartment without separation The curved design allows you to take it well and take it well. Single grid is not separated, one is placed on the right, one is placed on the left, just right // Passport size: 210 mm * 143 mm // The inner layer uses microfiber and inner fabric to reduce friction and make passports and ticket cards better. // A total of five colors are available: blue-gray, black, camel, purple, cocoa ※Other four-color links: Camel: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/72i5EwNX Purple: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/CASVNwAd Blue-gray: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bHW7F3ep Black: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Zc5eBk6W Customizable branded text, plus purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/NYq7bDsQ / Customized laser branding service / ‧ Four fonts are available (see Figure 5, top to bottom): round, writing, black, and slim ‧ The font size will be adjusted to the most suitable size according to the font elasticity of your choice. ‧ There is no hard limit on the number of words, but the recommended text is not too long due to the size of the product. ‧ Please specify the laser position at the same time; if not specified, the master will select the appropriate laser position for you. ‧ The color of the text is the burnt black of the laser, which will be slightly lighter due to use. ‧ Working days are about 1-3 days ‧ Because the laser is treated with high temperature, there will be some unpleasant smell when the laser is shot. It will slowly disappear after the time increases. ※ If you are unable to resell others due to the use of customized branding services, please do not accept the return application ※ / Handmade • Natural material / Handmade leather products may have slight natural skin scars, wrinkles and other differences, which are normal to the dermis. / Origin • Manufacturing method / Taiwan Design • Manual sewing / Use and maintenance methods / After long-term use of high-quality leather surface, it is inevitable that there will be slight scars, which can be diluted by hand oil or leather maintenance oil. If the leather surface is accidentally drenched with rain or water, immediately dry the water with a dry cloth and place it in a cool, ventilated place. / Warranty / New product, unconditional renewal / Repair warranty / A large area of leather is peeled off and degummed, and returned to the original factory for repair within one month after purchase. (This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, misuse, improper use or unauthorized repairs and modifications. It is not responsible for the minor surface damage caused by normal normal wear and tear on the product.) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48202244842_b43d672cc1_b.jpg


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