iPhone 8 iPhone 7 vinyl record protection shell mobile phone manual (disc track texture)

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For people living in many modern cities, mobile phones are the places where eyes stay longest every day. Play games, cha



iPhone 8 iPhone 7 vinyl record protection shell mobile phone manual (disc track texture)


Full Handmade vinyl cell phone case // vinyl track texture // The touch of a real vinyl record brings the forgotten voice to you // Life Music and You. Small details that bring music to life For people living in many modern cities, mobile phones are the places where eyes stay longest every day. Play games, chat with friends, reply to dating messages, and steal from work. Every time we get to the phone, we hold the phone in our hands. Have you ever wondered if the protective shell on your mobile phone can also allow some forgotten resources to continue to develop? // About the album // LUMDUMS "Handmade vinyl Phone Case" uses broken old vinyl records as raw material We traveled through the "night-cooling" and Vintage shops in various districts of Hong Kong. We chose only one old vinyl record pile that nobody cares about. We also chose some unusable recordings to avoid waste, and we carefully cleaned them after recycling. Repairs can be used as raw materials. We all have indescribable feelings about old things. We hope to pay these old vinyl records for new orders in new ways. These old discarded records will not embark on the destiny of being sent to the trash station. We also hope that we can Infiltrate music into everyday life. We can add your favorite name or sentence to your planet and bring your mind and heart to his or her hands. There is a need to purchase on this page: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/xNwNq6Cz https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/2016-10-08-224540_orig.jpg The LUMDUMS “Handmade vinyl Phone Case” is designed to be simple. We preserve the original audio track texture of the vinyl record and the color discs in the record center. Each hand-made Phone Case is unique and unique. There is no fully-equipped workshop. All the manual processes are completed by two hands, two hands, and each hand-made piece of vinyl records is made by us with a single drawing, cutting, hand-polished, and flower-made. Every detail, every process we don't want to forget. // The gorgeous universe in the record // https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/7581112-orig_orig.jpg The delicate track of vinyl records reflects dreamy colors under different lighting conditions. The shabby record created this colorful universe is still beautiful. iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 mobile phone case adopts all-inclusive design, retaining the good texture of the work and improving the protection of the mobile phone at the same time. https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/7380846-orig.jpg **[HIRAETH Romantic Planet Series - Earth Lunar Vinyl Phone Case]** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1JskcoBr https://27900029-449562394219196636.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/2/7/9/0/27900029/9290861_orig.jpg Material: vinyl record // use, maintenance and precautions // The texture distribution of each manual vinyl track is unique and unique. Each piece is handmade, so it is not exactly the same for every piece of work as a machine. Please rate it before ordering. Hand-made vinyl records should avoid contact with high-temperature environments and seawater. The works are moderately waterproof. If wet, wipe off the water stains with a clean cloth. All of our works use real recycled vinyl records, not mass-produced imitations ( ́,, • ω•,,). // Origin / manufacturing method // Works by LUMDUMS designer handmade in Hong Kong studio


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