Emily handmade jam - wedding small things 28g bottle bow bag style packaging jam group (including jam, packaging)

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28ml x 1
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In addition to elaborate arrangement of a two exclusive wedding, the couple will also prepare a beautiful little things



Emily handmade jam - wedding small things 28g bottle bow bag style packaging jam group (including jam, packaging)


Every girl's dream, I hope one day be able to put on a beautiful white gauze, holding his own Mr. Right to the next stage of life. In addition to elaborate arrangement of a two exclusive wedding, the couple will also prepare a beautiful little things that can represent their sweet love, so that every guest, friends and relatives can feel the love and gratitude of the new couple. 28ml canned, taste optional, free to mix a variety of exquisite packaging.
(Contains: Butterfly matte bags, natural hemp rope, the bottom of the round stickers; packaging to be completed by their own packaging, with the closure of the sealing machine to use ~ if the packaging costs additional charge!)

█ love honey handmade jelly concept
"To eat yourself well, to sell it, to be conscientious and to work hard to preserve the fruits of the season by handcrafting traditional jams." --- Emily insisted.

█ handmade jam can best bring out your taste requirements for gifts
Love red rose yarn bag group 48 yuan (including jam, packaging)
Sasa delicacy jam box 42 yuan (including jam, packaging)
Colorful circular yarn yarn bag 42 yuan (including jam, packaging)
Honghua sesame jam box 42 yuan (including jam, packaging)
European rose round box 48 yuan (including jam, packaging)
Classic blue gift box (Tiffany Style) 50 yuan (including jam, packaging)

【Lemon pineapple jam】
Crisp and refreshing pineapple pulp, entrained lemon aroma,
Refreshing not sweet, unconsciously pick up one by one

Love text mango jam
Hot summer fruit ~ ~ mango jam appearance !!!!
Friends who love natural handmade jam, do not miss !!

【Rose grape jam】
Full of juicy purple black grapes, with a rich aroma of roses, each with a romantic taste of good!

【Fresh strawberry jam】
NO.1 taste of popularity, red flesh, enticing strawberry flavor thick, this happy sweet taste, it is worth tasting your taste.

Love honey insisted, to give you the best, most natural, to protect the health of the whole family

(Taste will be adjusted according to different seasons)

█ save method
※ Unopened can be stored in the shade at room temperature for six months, please refrigerate after opening and please eat within one month.

※ Please use a dry and clean spoon device to prevent the entry of moisture, affecting jam preservation.

█ product specifications
Contents: Taiwan carefully selected fruits, sugar.
Net weight: 28 grams
Shelf life: unopened at room temperature for 6 months. (Please refrigerate after opening)

█ Wedding Small Ordering Information:
1. Order the amount of over 2,000 yuan, free shipping.
Under 2,000 yuan, need to pay 120 yuan
2. To avoid damage to the product packaging due to shipping, please the buyer to fold, packaging.

█ Thanks to Apple Daily for recommending men and women in July 2015
█ Thank Weddings Bridal Story June 2017 Magazine Recommendation
█ Brand Profile
Emily originally worked as a seventh grader at an electronics company and did not graduate from a food-related department, but she was very interested in eating, perhaps because she was in charge of advertising design. Opponents are very fond of things, especially the "eat" aspects, in addition to doing it, but also like to study all kinds of meals.
The reason for the initial contact with handmade jams was that when they had dinner with friends, they ate rose jam from Christine Ferber, a jam jam, and became enthralled with the jelly and began to touch handmade jams, beginning with many jam-related books, Is the domestic or foreign jam-related recipes to study, and proceed with cooking, and French handmade jam is the best way to retain the fruit aroma, but the proportion of sugar is quite high, made of jam are too sweet, in order to To cater to the less tasting tastes of Taiwanese people, I repeatedly tried several times to reduce the sweetness, hoping to reduce the proportion of sweetness, without losing the traditional handmade jams. After many adjustments and through friends, networks Tribal offenders try to eat from many people hope to see the view, to find the perfect proportion of sweetness and the need to improve the place, and after repeated adjustments along the way, only the current love honey handmade jam.
Because of their non-science class background, from completely ignorant began to explore, around fruit farmers, looking for good ingredients for jam, fruit related knowledge, in addition to direct conversation through the farmer to learn, but also asked the same is the cousin of the farmers, learned that What is organic cultivation, non-toxic planting of natural agriculture and other related knowledge, from complete strange to gradually familiar with, very grateful to those who have educated us during that time, everyone's tolerance, support and love. And start the business to set up a studio to sell handmade jam, we choose to sell in the network b platform, because the practice is different from the general commercial jam, we advertised fresh, without adding artificial additives, preservatives, many of the handmade jam Good friends, and sometimes orders more than one, plus the cost of making French jams, then rush to work is often busy until early in the morning until the dawn of the rest, sleeping 4-5 hours a day, though hard, but as long as you think With so many people affirming our jams, we feel that it is also worth the effort. In 2013, it also had consignment deals with certain entity bakery. The future goal is to share with everyone the possibilities of Taiwanese jam, and to preserve the deliciousness of Taiwan's seasonal fruit with French traditional jam.

After the subscript trouble Please ask in the Q & A required taste.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / hand-cooked
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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