[Christmas Wrapped Gifts] 80g candle gift box / limited time / exchange gifts

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Mini candle Christmas packaging is here, suitable for use in a small space of 3-4 pings, the best choice for gifts!



[Christmas Wrapped Gifts] 80g candle gift box / limited time / exchange gifts


◆Notes◆ Therefore this product contains matches, Therefore, it cannot be delivered overseas. ◆Product description◆ The totem on the gift box, Taken from the initial MX of the brand name, Intertwined in a weaving way, The stacking modulation of implied smell, Intertwined layers of unique breath, Indulge in a joyful festive atmosphere. Light the candle, watch the candlelight, A warm feeling rises in my heart, Enjoying the sound of the burning log core, Visual and burning stability, Fluttering with the wonderful smell of scented candles, Sight, smell, and hearing are all satisfied. Insist on the whole process of hand-made packaging, let parity bring noble enjoyment. https://i.redd.it/5v4za3y301y51.jpg After the candle burns, it will not produce toluene or other harmful substances to humans. Even if there are children or the elderly at home, they can use it with confidence. The products are all handmade, When the product volume is insufficient, we will contact you to agree on a shipping date. ◆How to use◆ After lighting the candle, It needs to burn for about 30 minutes before it starts to smell, The fragrance diffusion effect of each essential oil is different, The waiting time will also be different, This candle is suitable for use in a small space of 3-4 pings. ◆Causes of black smoke when waxworm burns◆ 1. The wick is too long: The wood chip core needs to be trimmed each time before lighting, leaving about 0.6 cm. 2. The candle does not burn stably in a stable and windless place: If waxworm is continuously blown by the wind when it burns, it will cause incomplete combustion and emit black smoke. The scented candle is lit every time, Be sure to melt the surface of the candle into liquid wax, Will achieve the most perfect diffusion effect! ◆Product specifications◆ Original price: 540 Capacity: 80g ±10%, matches*1 box Use time: about 16 hours of burning Origin: Taiwan Manufacturing method: 100% handmade ◆Scent introduction◆ M11 Honeysuckle TOP: Citrus MID: honeysuckle, violet BASE: sandalwood, moss Diffusion intensity ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/ajhoewgc33e11.jpg Honeysuckle is another name for honeysuckle. The unique taste of honeysuckle has a warm and sweet feeling. A small amount of sandalwood is added as a base, and the ingenious combination with honeysuckle seems to contain a force that blooms in the cold snow and overflows with fragrance. , With time ticking to brew a rich fragrance! M12 Toronto/Toronto TOP: Lavender, clove MID: rosewood, geranium BASE: teak, amber Diffusion intensity ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/ybb4p8e8ef451.jpg The scent of this model is as wide as the skyline of Toronto. The rosewood and geranium scents dominate, which accommodates tranquility and prosperity. The diversified atmosphere gradually blooms, and the waves are full of infinite vitality. Against the backdrop of teak and amber, it is as bright as light. Looking at the wind and paying attention to you who exudes this breath, this is a suitable scent for both men and women, and we look forward to you trying it out. M32 Asia White Tea / Asia White Tea TOP: ginger, orange blossom MID: White tea BASE: White musk Diffusion intensity ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/a1lufuum89e11.jpg The white tea vibrates the nasal cavity delicately, and is fresh and slightly with the spice of wild ginger. This scent has an exotic and pleasant resonance. It is refreshing and tastes the delicate face that is brewed, and at the same time evokes a warm Experience, highly recommend such a characteristic fragrance smell. M41 Cottonseed/ Cottonseed TOP: chamomile, fennel MID: Magnolia, Orange Blossom BASE: white musk, vanilla Diffusion intensity ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/pun9rz0tkfe11.jpg The exhilarating soft white floral scent adds a little elegant nocturnal scent, enveloping the vanilla musk, faintly soft, lingering and comfortable like cotton. Let people be drawn to savor the elegant, very popular soft, but with a breathtaking smell of vitality! M42 Good Day TOP: black currant, green tea MID: sweet orange, grapefruit, violet BASE: Cedar, white musk Diffusion intensity ■ ■ □ (medium) https://i.redd.it/orygj2o85jl31.jpg Based on citrus, it is matched with rich and slightly astringent grapefruit and green tea scents. The addition of white musk and violet adds elegance and luxury but is very light. The fusion creates a unique fragrance and a very attractive neutral fragrance. Looking back at you in the morning sun with a shallow smile, swaying like a gentle sunlight, Good day, my love.


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