Limited time offer [Purging bag for personal use] dampness and fatigue [40 packs of dehumidification] Chinese herbal health tea

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Lemuji inherits the wisdom of the ancestors, advocates the homology of medicine and food, and uses Chinese medicine tea bags to prepare it, so that busy office workers can brew a cup of Chinese medicine in just five minutes, from the inside out, saying goodbye to the old self. Welcome good physique.


6g x 40


Limited time offer [Purging bag for personal use] dampness and fatigue [40 packs of dehumidification] Chinese herbal health tea


**Simple and affordable large portion [self-use surging bag] omit the outer box, dedicated to long-term self-use customers** 40 pieces**surging bag**office and home use ● Tea bag specification: 8g±1g ● Contents: a total of 40 pieces / bag **▎ Dehumidifying Chinese prescription drink** ● Suitable for: you who feel tired easily, you who are prone to edema, you who are prone to oily scalp and skin, you who have thin limbs but a fat belly, and you who have poor circulation when sitting for a long time ● Ingredient introduction: 100% black beans, coix seed, poria cocos, licorice **▎Strictly selected pure natural Chinese herbal medicines are made by low-temperature baking and grinding** ● Black beans|Contains anthocyanins, protein, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B ● Barley|Diuretic dehumidification, vitamin E has anti-oxidant effect, improves skin and blood cell health ● Poria | Known as the "four-time miracle medicine", beauty and beauty, help sleep ● Licorice | Throat moisturizing, natural sweetness formula ▎Notes ✘ Patients with gout and kidney disease are not suitable for drinking ✘ Not suitable for drinking during cold, fever, diarrhea ✘ Not suitable for drinking during menstrual period, pregnant women and breastfeeding period ▎If you have the following conditions, it is recommended to ask your doctor first ❶It is pregnant or breast-feeding: If you are pregnant or breast-feeding. ❷Is taking other medicines: including over-the-counter medicines or indicated medicines without a prescription. ❸ Allergic to any substance containing medicinal materials: or allergic to other drugs or herbal medicines. ❹Suffering from other diseases: such as disorders of the physiological system, or any other health conditions ❖ If you feel any discomfort after drinking, please stop using it immediately. **▎Report! Dehumidification tea has recently been improved**~ Many customers have responded to us that the first version of dehumidification tea is the best! So we also adjusted our production method~ **✔ We use green seed black beans** **✔Bake at low temperature, not easy to get angry** **✔ Do not grind, let the black bean fragrance release** ● The difference from general dehumidification tea on the market is that we use low-temperature roasted black beans with green kernels. The black beans on the market are very fragrant and strong. They are fried black beans. The black beans are all black beans. It looks like after, but it's hot, and you will get angry easily if you eat too much! ❖ We have made adjustments to the production, and the formula is still the same. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send us a private message! We cherish your valuable suggestions~ **▎Simple steps to enjoy Chinese herbal tea** ① Put the tea bag into a 350ml cup, add boiling hot water ② Let stand for five minutes until the medicinal materials are completely released ③ After brewing, take out the tea bag, wait for the second brewing, and the third brewing time will gradually fade. ④ Please let Lemuji continue to take care of you *How to drink ice in summer: It can be boiled in a pot, let it stand until it is cool, and then put it in the refrigerator. It is recommended to finish drinking as soon as possible. **▎In addition to taste, we care more about your health** ☑ 100% natural Chinese herbal medicines: no added preservatives, no added concentration, no sugar, low calorie ☑ Real materials: Grinding of Chinese medicinal materials allows consumers to see Chinese medicinal materials in tea bags while drinking ☑ Strictly selected production quality in Taiwan ☑ The quality of each raw material complies with the food management regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the nutrition labeling SGS inspection report ☑ This product has been insured for 10 million yuan Nanshan liability insurance, please feel free to drink **▎Product Information** ‑ Origin: Taiwan ‑ Packaging method: food grade corn fiber tea bag and white cotton paper sealed package ‑ Shelf life: Unopened for 2 years; no preservatives are added, please drink as soon as possible after opening to avoid moisture ‑ Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight


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