CORDURA reloading quick buckle-street messenger bag Premium side oblique backpack men and women recommended SYE

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CORDURA® military-grade tear-resistant fabric is selected, with high waterproof and extremely light characteristics. With military-grade zinc alloy quick buckle, in addition to the lack of plastic embrittlement and other problems, the sense of technology and outdoor practicality are full. The tiny needles and threads are all Our great sincerity ▼Midsummer li


U2 Bags

CORDURA reloading quick buckle-street messenger bag Premium side oblique backpack men and women recommended SYE


▼About us -U2 BAGS has more than 40 years of experience and experience in making bags -Product design, material selection, cutting, sewing, model, modification, manufacturing, packaging, all by us -Strict selection of high-quality raw materials from Taiwan, coupled with years of local craftsmen's meticulous craftsmanship, will make you absolutely dependent and at ease. ▼ 2020 CORDURA® Reinstalling Quick Buckle Series ▼ Premium- Midsummer Blue (New) ▼ Premium- Obsidian Black ▼ Premium- Meteorite Grey ▼Size -Length 29 cm X width 9 cm (the widest part at the top) X height 21 cm Note: Due to manual measurement, the difference of 1-2mm is normal ▼Built-in -Main compartment x 4 -Functional storage compartment x 3 ▼ Design, materials, details -Optimized and improved from the classic messenger bag, using CORDURA® US-standard tactical fabric, with extremely light weight, high strength waterproof, tear-resistant, and tear-resistant characteristics, with military-grade zinc alloy quick buckle, in addition to less plastic embrittlement, etc. In addition to the problem, the sense of technology and outdoor practicality are full -Japan YKK® zipper, withstood thousands or hundreds of pulling tests, and the concealed chain teeth make the overall coordination more simple and complete -Heavy nylon webbing, made of high-density nylon material, smooth touch, thick texture, more wear-resistant and anti-pull, zinc alloy adjustment ring is rust-proof and durable ▼ Military Zinc Buckle Taiwan-made zinc alloy quick buckle, less plastic embrittlement and other problems, anti-rust and anti-oxidation, in addition to the finishing touch technology and contemporary feeling, a solid and steady feel and lightweight CORDURA® fabric complement each other to make the overall more balanced ▼ Storage Storage compartments for various objects, mobile phones, wallets, keys, daily small cards, 3C products, etc., all in one small package storage is not a problem at all, picking up items is more orderly. (Can be put in 600cc bottle bottle) -High-specification tear-resistant inner lining, smooth and soft, and high hand feel can guarantee the service life of a bag -There are storage spaces on both sides of the main storage compartment, making it easier to place and retrieve items -Can hold valuables such as passports and IDs on the dark side of the body ▼Real back diagram -The original materials with high specifications are selected for the details, using the current elements that best match the clothing, following the design concept of U2BAGS, simple, that is, stylish. [The temperature of the palm of the craftsman] Every product is made by our masters, designers and trial. We always hold the principle of**⌜ use-oriented ⌟**, through the feedback of each guest's use and the absorption of new knowledge, we continue to optimize the product design to make the user comfortable and satisfied with the purchase [Every centimeter pays attention to] With more than 40 years of experience and enthusiasm, every detail shows the intention of the tailor. From material selection to sewing, the craftsmen sew their persistence and warmth into the bag bit by bit, giving each piece a temperature. 【Fabric】 The choice of fabric has always been our starting point. From this cloth to the inner cloth, we never sloppy. We use high-standard fabrics from Taiwan, the United States and Japan. The durability and toughness are not to mention. 【Wire】 Using high twist SP wire, it has wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high water resistance, and good strength and elasticity 【Hardware】 Hardware is one of our most important links. The use of high-standard alloy accessories, in addition to anti-rust, non-toxic, durable and non-deformation, the plating effect is more delicate and exquisite. In addition to YKK® zippers, we have also begun to use more international fasteners. Only under the washing and testing of time can we show that our works are so enduring. ▼ About maintenance -The products are guaranteed for free for life, please*check the product status with us for the first time*, the maintenance fee and material fee are all paid by us, and we will repair it for you as much as possible. ▼ Intimate reminder -The color of the product will be slightly different due to the differences in the settings of the electric screen, according to the actual color -The whole series of products are handmade, so there will be slight differences, please perfection buyers think twice before buying -Place of manufacture / Kaohsiung, Taiwan / Handmade


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