Unipapa ordered extension cord white (with wall sticker back buckle set)

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Product content: Orderly extension cord x1|Wall sticker back buckle x2 (including 3M adhesive)


Unipapa ordered extension cord white (with wall sticker back buckle set)


https://youtu.be/0z6GLVy1slc Do you also have the following problems? The Unipapa team studied the extension cords on the market and the common problems of consumers, and found some inconveniences in daily life And the small crises that may be hidden, so we have designed an orderly extension cord to improve various small problems in the home, Not only makes the space orderly, but also safe. ➤ Increase the spacing to have both Increase the hole spacing to accommodate various transformers without interfering with the next wall jacks, increasing the space by 50%, so that each hole seat can be properly used. ➤ Six holes are super enough The six sockets can meet all daily needs, even in places where electrical appliances are to be plugged in. ➤ Wall sticker back buckle It is easy to install and unload, and it is safer. > Stable and safe, avoid power interruption > Keep the wall distance, better heat dissipation > Tenon button design, easy to load and unload ➤ You can click anywhere The wall sticker back buckle design is pasted on the wall, beside the bed, under the desk, and on the floor, just like an extended socket in the home. You can use it where you want it. ➤ Hinge design The 180° rotating shaft design can accommodate different places. no problem. ➤ Corner OK! Close to the corner, it is convenient to stick to the wall without messy or broken lines, extending the service life, and using it more at ease. ➤ 45° wall socket The flat-mounted plug saves more space, and the 45° wall socket avoids concave folding of wires, which improves safety. ➤ Hidden switch Built-in switch design to avoid accidentally touching the power switch. Soft lights at night, do not disturb sleep. ➤ More than just order, it's safer. Produced in Taiwan, flame-retardant shell, overload protection, surge receiving, multi-layer protection wire, after many rigorous tests, can stand the test, it is a good extension cord. ➤ Comply with the new BSMI extension cord safety regulations and standards 1. Wire diameter: can withstand more than 15A, power cord and double insulator 2. Overload switch: It must be equipped with an overload protection device, and its type is a two-in-one overload protection switch or an overload protector 3. Shell material: shell 650 degrees glow wire test, inner frame 750 degrees glow wire test, continuous 7 hours 100 degrees heat test 4. Internal structure: the internal structure design separates the copper sheets and does not touch each other 5. Clamping force: the upper limit of the thickness of the copper sheet is 5,000 times; the lower limit of the thickness cannot be loosened 6. RoHS Containment Marking: It must be marked on both the packaging and the main body, and the content of restricted substances. (This product has been insured with a product liability insurance of up to 32 million yuan, so you can use the product more safely.) ➤ Product specifications Product name: Multi-angle extension power cord set Maximum allowable power: MAX 1650W Contents: ordered extension cord extension power cord*1, wall sticker back buckle*2 Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees Input/output specifications: AC 125V 15A 60HZ 1650W MAX Number of AC outlets: 6 Extension cord size: length 240mm width 50mm thickness 26mm BSMI certification number: R3D538 Precautions 1. Use it only in a dry place indoors to reduce the risk of electric shock. 2. Do not connect to other chargers that can be replaced. 3. Please check thoroughly before each use, if there is any damage, do not use. 4. Only for small electrical appliances, such as laptops, mobile phones or other low-voltage devices. 5. Make sure that the power of the connected electrical appliance does not exceed 1650W. 6. This extension power pack cannot be connected to a power supply exceeding 125V, which will accelerate the damage of electrical equipment. Manufacturer: Rational Baiwu Co., Ltd. Origin: Taiwan How to use wall sticker back buckle: 1. Remove the adhesive and stick the release paper on the back buckle 2. Confirm the location of the extension cord 3. Be sure to clean the attachment surface to be pasted 4. Remove the release paper from the adhesive and press firmly 5. Do not touch water vapor and let stand for 24 hours caveat: 1. Since the adhesive is super adhesive, stripping may cause damage to the adhesive surface or leave residual adhesive. Please confirm the location of the adhesive. 2. Do not locate on uneven surfaces, seams, or any non-complete planes. 3. Do not use in places where the extension cord will cause damage to the human body and other objects when the extension cord is dropped. *Please refer to the above content and suggestions for assembly operations. Different use methods will affect the actual effect of the product. The risks and damages caused must be borne by yourself, and the company (Rational Baiwu Co., Ltd.) is not responsible.