Super thin cotton straight-leg pants/dark blue made in Taiwan. Selling 600 pieces. Wide-leg pants. Nine-point pants. Casual pants

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The simple and neat straight-leg pants with wide tube design make the skin breathable and easy to move. The large pockets on both sides of the front panel are not only generous but also convenient. You can roll up the trousers according to your mood. The overall is more casual, with cotton T, shirt, and comfortable Cotton and linen items are suitable, and they are super practical items that must be worn daily in summer.


Super thin cotton straight-leg pants/dark blue made in Taiwan. Selling 600 pieces. Wide-leg pants. Nine-point pants. Casual pants


**The fixed shipping date is "Every Wednesday and every Friday". Buyers must confirm that they can accept the order before placing an order. We apologize for any inconvenience, thank you!** **Sending to Hong Kong using "SF Express" can also be sent to SF Station or Smart Cabinet~ Welcome friends in Hong Kong to place an order!** Origin: Taiwan Material: 100% cotton Free Size: Waist circumference-70~102cm, hip circumference-120cm, pants length-89cm __Elastic waist design, suitable for M~2L__ **Congratulations on selling 500 pieces! Widely loved by customers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, every year they must stock super-real cotton trousers again!** Made in Taiwan, carefully selected pure cotton fabrics. The breathable and comfortable texture allows you to wear refreshingly in summer. The straight-leg pants are simple and neat, not only allowing the skin to breathe and moving, but also a must-have item for hiding thighs. Wear it straight away. Thin legs! With the length of the ninth pants, you can roll up the trousers to be more casual and casual. You can wear cotton T, shirts, cotton linen shirts, and the same style is available in black. Don't forget to pack it together! ★★★In the actual wearing photos, the trousers are rolled up for about 30% to make the ratio of the trousers more suitable! Before turning back, it is straight leggings! (Please refer to the pants flat photo) You can make your own styling according to different outfits and moods! ★★★ Suggestion for the trouser leg reversal method: first grab one side of the trouser leg, fold it inward according to the desired fit degree, stick it on the trouser leg and fix it with both hands, and then fold the trouser leg up three small folds. This folding method can make the trousers really fit the legs, and the folded trousers will not slip off easily when walking! ★★Important notices! ! Please read carefully before placing an order: ☛If you use a washing machine to clean it, it is recommended to reverse the bread laundry bag and dry it before drying. Of course it’s better if you wash it by hand! ☛The color of the product may have a slight color difference due to different lighting, mobile phone/computer screen displays, and the actual color is usually a little darker than the color of the photo. If buyers who are concerned about the color difference, please think twice before placing an order! ☛The size of the product is clearly marked on the page. Due to factors such as fabric elasticity, manual measurement error of 2~3cm is normal for each product. If you have other questions about the size, please send a message to us first. After the sale, "size is not accepted" will provide returns and exchanges. Please confirm the size and details of the product before placing an order! ☛Any questions about the product are welcome to discuss with us before placing an order! I hope everyone can buy clothes that are suitable for them, comfortable to wear, and value for money! #台灣制#Straight trousers# Cotton trousers#九分胸# Casual pants#显瘦#Wearing straight trousers


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