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今までの経験の中でもっともチャレンジングなこと、勉強になったことについてのレポート、履歴書を添付の上、 までにご連絡ください。書類審査後、次のステップに進んでいただく方には、面接の日程をご連絡致します。

PR Specialist - Japan

Pinkoi is Asia’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling original design. We are committed to selling products that reflect good taste. Pinkoi is more than an e-commerce platform: it is a community for talented homegrown and international designers. Our mission is to empower designers, champion great designs, and enrich people's lives. We want to bring Asia's best designs to the world!

We are now looking to deepen penetration in the Japan market, and need an experienced PR specialist to increase brand recognition.

We're looking for someone talented who is passionate about sharing great stories, delivering Pinkoi’s message to public, and increasing brand awareness. You'll help us formulate PR plans and strategies, build relationship with media, write press releases, speeches and other PR copy, plan and supervise events, fairs, conferences etc. Your performance and learning will be measured by measurable metrics to evaluate PR outcomes and any other related events/campaigns. (e.g.: Number of qualified new sessions / new users, page view of press release, media coverage, Media coverage) The measurements and KPI will be fixed based on your planning and discussion with leaders. You will work closely with, and report to, our Regional leader and Marketing team leader.


  1. Formulate PR plans and strategies to reach Lifestyle & Consumer focused media.
  2. Make a media list and build relationship with media.
  3. Write press releases, speeches and other PR copy, pitch to media at least once in a month.
  4. Plan and supervise events, fairs, conferences.


  1. Passion for design, writing, and e-commerce.
  2. Able to engage with media and public to deliver Pinkoi’s message.
  3. At least 1 year of PR experience.
  4. Copywriting creative mind.
  5. Experience using Google Analytics.
  6. Native level in Japanese, proficiency in English is essential. (e.g.: TOEIC score over 800)
  7. Familiar with working at startups. Excited to take up new challenges.

Please email a cover letter and resume (in English) to (subject line “PR Specialist - Japan”. In addition, Please share at least three release articles you wrote in the past. (URL or file) Please share what kind of message/slogan you’d like to deliver to public if you’re a PR specialist in Pinkoi. (Text length: One sentence or less than 100 characters.) We will only notify those invited for an interview. Thank you for your interest.
Please apply in Japanese. ご応募は日本語でお願いいたします。

Sales Manager

Pinkoi continues to develop new possibilities for cooperation with designers. In 2019 we plan to create a Pinkoi for Business sales team, leveraging the big data collected from the sales on our platform to help match design brands with mid to large sized buyers and channels, creating more revenue.

We are currently looking for a sales manager to create and lead the Pinkoi for Business sales team. We envision a team with international sales experience that actively establishes relationships with major buyers around the world, becoming a key partner in the global sales strategies of design brands. The evaluation of the sales manager’s performance and remuneration will be based on:
(a) The sales turnover generated by the sales team.
(b) The overall financial performance of the sales team.


  1. Recruit and establish a sales team with international experience that is capable of working independently.
  2. Develop international B2B channels and buyers while maintaining business partnerships.
  3. Establish a best practice for the sales quotation process and set sales targets for the sales team.
  4. Integrate training for logistics services and design brand sales.
  5. Pay close attention to the income statement while adjusting sales strategies according to data.

Ideal candidate

  1. Has experience with international trade shows and exhibitions. Able to successfully develop new customers, creating continuous streams of repeat international orders.
  2. Possesses an understanding of diverse logistics options along with effective business negotiation and bargaining skills.
  3. Able to communicate and empathize with design brands.
  4. Experienced in leading sales teams. Able to set challenging goals for themselves and for the sales team, helping the team to move towards the goal together.
  5. Possess superior data analysis skills. Able to formulate sales strategies using statistical and business analysis.
  6. Able to manage sales targets and continuously improve sales performance via financial statements.

Highly desirable

  1. International sales experience in fashion, design, lifestyle, creative or related industries.
  2. Familiarity with key global trade shows and the buyer ecosystem.
  3. Understands the current state of the supply chain for design brands, from design to production, as well as advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Significant experience in international procurement, sales and successfully scaling sales.

Join us and become a Pinkoist

If you believe you are qualified for this position, you are welcome to send your resume to Please use the subject line: “Sales Manager Application - (your name)”. Make sure to attach all of the following with your email:

  1. The English and Chinese versions of your resume and short personal profile along with a link to your personal Pinkoi page.
  2. Please share a project that you were responsible for and the annual international sales achieved.
  3. Please propose 3 international channels or buyers that Pinkoi for Business can connect with and provide your reasoning for selecting these channels or buyers.
  4. Please provide an estimated sales target for the first year and briefly explain the basis for your estimate.

We will only notify those invited for an interview. Thank you for your interest.