【Felicitas Pâtissérie】 6 inch roses cake / rose love


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    The first picture: 8-inch rose love
    The second picture: 6-inch rose love (commodity real map)
    The third picture: taste can be with their own, does not affect the appearance

    Modeling cake
    We uphold the spirit of the traditional European dessert, with the complicated process, the top, natural material
    Poured into a solid dessert effort, so dessert with deep feelings
    Will be classic and full of fantastic atmosphere of the mini cupcakes
    Into a wide variety of contemporary fashion tastes
    Earnest hope to give you
    Return to the original natural good taste, to tease your taste buds

    Pure hand to create a 3D three-dimensional shape of the six-inch cake
    Especially the selection of natural ingredients in their own color to produce
    Only use the cream cream squeeze the way to show a large and small different appearance
    Challenge our deep squeeze skill
    Flare you to the most beloved family, friends stunning and healthy 3D stereo cake
    Welcome you to discuss with us in depth

    With pure hand-painted way to show flowers-like cake decoration art
    We are different from the general flour produced by the cake body, especially the choice of "bird more powder", so that cake is fragrant, taste are amazing!

    ※ ※ before the order, please ask whether the arrival of the specified time, due to pure hand-made, production time is very long, limited, to be a single order! Please be sure to ask before ordering, thank you for your cooperation! ※ ※

    This is a single 6-inch cake, the height of about 10cm above, about 6-8 people to enjoy.
    (To promote environmental protection, the box are not attached knife and fork!)

    Bird off the flour (Wu Baochun master love with the brand)
    France isigny cream
    Top France Michelle Kings Michel Cluizel Cocoa Powder
    Madagascar vanilla pods

    Duration: 5 days after cold storage or within 7 days of freezing. Please put it at room temperature for 2 hours before eating

    The The The The Once again stressed that we are using the "natural cream cream" production, non-traditional traditional cream, natural cream cream in the refrigerator will be hardened, after receipt must be back to temperature for at least one or two hours until the cream cream softened, The The The The

    Cream flower: purple for black currant taste
    (Remind you! Color part is the use of natural fruit production, but each batch of imported fruit quality is different, so the color will be somewhat color, are normal Yo! But we are the proportion of color are fixed, plus camera The moment the light and the angle, it may cause color will have some color off Yo!)
    Modeling: rose color gradient
    Cake: Chocolate cake or vanilla cake (choose one)
    Cake clip stuffing: hand boiled raspberry jam, hand-cooked strawberry jam (two choose one)
    * This product does not contain cards, candles, if you want to buy candles, please order when you buy Yo!
    https://www.pinkoi.com/store/felicitas?subcategory=516 *

    This cake at room temperature does not exceed 25 degrees above, can store 6 hours! Very suitable for banquet or birthday party use!
    As the production time is very time-consuming, please order in advance to avoid waiting!
    For other models, please let us know!

    In case of damage to goods
    This product is food, please immediately after the opening check the cake state, no matter when you want to enjoy, please be sure to check its status early, if serious damage, fragmentation and other conditions, please note the package number and immediately take a permit , And immediately to the private message to inform us, we will immediately help you deal with, thank you!

    【Delivery method】

    * Locomotive distribution (locomotive distribution only in the Greater Taipei area, which can be delivered the same day) *
    PS: want the day of distribution, please contact the first 6 hours before the phone to confirm whether the spot can provide!
    Locomotive Express can be delivered from 1pm to 9pm
    Remind you! Due to express delivery may be due to rain, traffic congestion and so on factors, and affect the delivery time! Add a bouquet cake to be carefully distributed, and to avoid damage to the cake, in order to ensure that the courier has sufficient and safe delivery, and to avoid delay to your trip, please give us at least two hours of abundant delivery time, Properly Yo! Thank you!

    * Black Cat low temperature distribution (limited to Taiwan Island)
    Delivery can be "designated" pick the arrival time, but strongly recommended "13 o'clock before" received!
    Home delivery time is to do the interval period of delivery, 13 o'clock before, 14-18 points, but can not specify the exact arrival time Yo!
    It is advisable to take at least half a day before the time to receive the more appropriate to avoid delay you need to use the time Yo! Thank you!
    The time of receipt we strongly recommend the arrival of the day before 13 o'clock in the day, can reduce the goods in the hands of the time, can significantly reduce the risk of damage to goods Yo!

    Note: After the 106/8/28, the black cat is not received on Sunday without delivery Hello! Arrival date do not choose Sunday arrival Yo!

    * Remind you that if you expect to arrive on Monday, we will ship on Wednesday Yo!
    Example: 9/4 (Monday) arrival, 9/2 (Saturday) Arrangements for shipment! Thank you!

    Taiwan / Taipei, handmade

    Bit by bit step by step one stick and one hold a blindly happy

    In order to make pure natural dessert beautiful, closer to everyone's life!
    We have always believed that has always insisted with the original food, natural ingredients, no added flavor, no added pigment to produce the most natural dessert,
    To pure natural dessert to bring the most joy, the most pleasant, the least burden of small fortunate, the world will be more beautiful!
    In this era of food safety storm, the essence of traditional dessert has gradually separated from the modern life,
    **Felicitas**The "traditional European dessert", which is sold by you, is not a difficult thing to bring you from the natural, purely addless beauty.
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【Felicitas Pâtissérie】 6 inch roses cake / rose love

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