"Snow Lights Festival series" Get snow coins Bracelet

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"Snow Lights Festival series" Get snow coins Bracelet


☞**Please note that the money is for handmade coins, coins the size of each batch of produce inconsistent, each finished with a width slightly finished thickness error, unable to choose to be thin or thick section, please do not mind the VIP single purchase, thank you. (Photo fine paragraph)**

Product Number KGP16S0104

/ Product Stories /
White snowflakes gradually assembled into a snowball, and the dim light snow falling on cross-mapping into a beautiful painting.

/ Design Memo /
Like million points meteor lights, light scattered snow reflected on a piece of silver, the more this winter to add a touch of temperature. "Snow Lights Festival series" In view of the snow season of Diwali as the theme, the use of rose gold and silver tones to render, when the lights dim in the cold winter night lights over the kind of warmth and joy.

/ Product Information /
▲ Dimensions
XS- containing buckle total length of 14.5 cm
S- containing buckle total length of 15.5 cm
M- containing buckle total length of 16.5 cm
L- containing buckle total length of 17.5 cm
XL- containing buckle total length of 18.5 cm
Custom Size - Total length including buckle cm & lt (**Please contact us, if more than the length dimension to provide an additional quote.**)

▲ Material
Brass / copper alloy plating K gold (Gold Plated) (discount, pendants)
925 sterling silver
Japanese pearl cotton
Silver frosted beads

▲ packaging
Mining simple commodity after dispensing uniform packaging, if demand Please complete packing when ordering remarks.
There may need to upgrade to the package design museum plus purchase.

/Work day/
▲**urgent note!**
Please read before the next one the number of days goods carefully. Is urgent or have any questions about the shipping time of trouble, please contact us. Orders after the note is urgent, we will deal with late Oh!

▲ commodity production
Product Design Hall are all custom orders, after the payment has counted the number of days (after the payment is completed every other day for the first working day basis).
Because are all handmade normally takes about waiting does not include holidays and national holidays 3-7 business days (excluding shipping time).

▲ delivery of goods
Usually the island of Taiwan Delivery Time:
Registered mail about 2-3 days, the stores can pick up for about two days, some remote areas may be served 3-5 days.

Africa and Taiwan Region Delivery Time:
In**registered mail**send, according to different destinations, different number of working days of its transport, generally sent after about 10 --14 business days for delivery (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).

→→**before purchase orders make sure precautions ordered goods no return**←←

→ If the order, contains both pre-orders and general merchandise ordered, shipping time to pre-order-based.

After → subscript if choose custom size, please bother guests private information to contact us. Be sure to fill in your notes where required order size (cm) (size contains reserved space) when ordering, if not filled may lead to delayed product delivery time.

To modify the size of the product must be designed after receipt → pay return postage and material costs.

→ goods will be adjusted slightly depending on the length of the arrangement.

→ since the goods chosen by handmade and each person measurement different ways, so the complete size within ± 0.8 cm are normal size when ordering length provided for reference only.

→ each pearl, natural stone color shades and textures are different, there will be some small cracks or impurities, and other small flaws, there is no way as perfect as artificial mechanical made out. End production of finished products in natural stone of irregular size and shape will be the case. So it is no way to 100% like the picture exactly the same merchandise Oh!

→ because the goods are handmade so the finished product may be hand-made signs (such as knots or asymmetric situation, etc.) there is no way as perfect as machines, please careful consideration.

→ picture all goods probably because shooting light or different PC screen brightness and other factors and circumstances have chromatic aberration.

→**brass 18k and 24k gold mining vacuum plating thickness, the thickness is 3-5 times the normal gilt, although color retention is more lasting, but not permanent non-fading, also due to wear and tear, and maintenance of personal wearing habits affect the way color retention length of time, as long fade oxidizes not reply.**Make sure to accept further purchase orders.

→ Silver extended-wear material, contact with water, sweat, cosmetics and chemicals .... and so on, will lead to oxidation discoloration, use decorative silver cloth or use toothpaste lightly. If gold jewelry containing material, keep as much as possible when cleaning the gold material is dried, not contaminated water damage.

→ commodity doubts whether it will cause allergic guests. Please do not buy Oh! Because everyone allergy situation is different, there is no way to measure.

→ La illimit'e cr'ea not sell samples, all goods are all custom goods, does not provide return and replacement services.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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