"The colour'd clouds are her flowing robe, the flower, her face Cloud flower her face" beautiful arabesque classical Garnet 925 sterling silver bracelets


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    [**commodity and stories Story & Products's**]

    [Qingpingdiao one of three • Li Bai Tang]

    Cloud flower her capacity, spring whisk threshold Revlon.

    If not, see first group of Yushan, will Yaotai every month to the next.

    Garnet (Garnet)
    1. is a chakra energy stone, its people's blood circulation and hormone secretion have certain stimulation, the beneficial reproductive system and relevant organs of health.
    2. The cosmetic effect helps to improve blood aspects of the problems, promote loop, enhance vitality, then play the effectiveness of beauty.
    3. Strengthening the capacity of regeneration help to improve the reproductive system function, as well as to strengthen the body's ability to regenerate, can accelerate wound healing.
    4. helps restore strength to often stay up late, overtime and night fatigue workers, can positively recuperate.
    5. can enhance people's own vitality, charm and affinity, better improve women gynecological diseases.
    6. As a stone of body wear, so that women can have an irresistible charm, provoke happiness and eternal love. You can also help women to increase self-confidence, fight depression and face wounds of the past memories.

    [**Specifications Size**]
    Wear suitable hand around ►15cm (to follow customized to your needs!)
    ❖┅┅ to allow you to receive a more perfect baby, be sure to tell after the next set of hands around your size! Thank you! ┅┅❖
    [**Material Material**]
    Selected garnet, high texture 925 Silver

    [**operate and maintain the Preservation**]
    ► This workshop's products are all fully ultimate hand-made, with the most trusted quality, but do not use it inappropriately (such as strong pull).
    ► normally when not in use, with a soft cloth after storing box into a metal part or zipper bags to avoid exposure to air.
    ► If the style design with silver, silver polishing cloth may be, or combined with a soft cloth wipe with a pull face powder, can achieve the same effect.
    ► Where to buy the workshop of the goods, according to the commodity complex, the lowest for free repair (return shipping needs by the customer burden, inconvenience, please forgive me!).

    [**Glim Gems Gems only exclusive service Glim**]
    With the purchase of any product item (s) of this workshop, are entitled to exclusive services Glim Gems - Email Alerts "my guardian crystal."
    Please let us know the names of those who seek to be the next single and subprime Zodiac (such as 75 years Tiger), will be announced for you what crystal works best for you, the best help you safe and healthy, always do more with less, everything goes!

    [**Brand Introduction Gems Glim the About**]
    "Genuinely natural and beautiful" nature and essence of beauty only Glim Gems

    Gem sadly hear their whispers? "We have a history of Magnificence, but did not mark the value of" old ""
    "Glim Gems" whichever means "natural luminous blossoms bright jewel." Glim Gems believe in nature, things are all unique and each individual existence, as even carved to look the same, it is still the essence of different natural semi-precious stones. Wash the traditional image of a given mineral stones to the ultimate show of art by hand, such as wings Pegasus creative thinking, compromise the natural give and attitude, so that gives you a natural mineral stones - unique color and style. In "Glim Gems" find the most sincere and pure self!
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan / handmade with limited supply Pure Handmade & Limited Supply
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"The colour'd clouds are her flowing robe, the flower, her face Cloud flower her face" beautiful arabesque classical Garnet 925 sterling silver bracelets

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