Cosmic initial OM and MANDALA

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re-sofastudio ショップへ

Cosmic initial OM and MANDALA


**Universe and initial OM MANDALA****sided pendant chains**

Everything from one circle born of a sound sky

The first round of the World outline appearance

The first tone along the parallel tracks through life after life


OM translation is more "Om", Sanskrit is "," first appeared in the Hindu scriptures "Vedas" in the.

In yoga philosophy in the universe initial that argument: In the ancient past, the planet has some slight buzzing sound, these sounds from the sound waves emitted by the object frequency energy law, and later these temperament snowball, the more the greater the accumulation of energy is also stronger, so many things, including including biological produced. Modern scientific point of view, every thing will indeed send out a variety of acoustic, but most of it is not receiving the human ear. These sound waves with a lot of scientific instruments collection, compression, after finishing, that actually came from a very simple and very original sound that is OM. In addition, the fetus in utero fetal tone is the sound.


Mandala ancient geometric symbols with a strong energy in many different cultures can see its traces, it depicts the basic form of space and time, is believed to contain everything, is the origin of life. Flower of Life contains a creation model, which is broken down into many a round tip made of oval, round out the rotation repeated seven times, Serve cells, which is the seed of life, it also marked the seven days God creative process of life.

Mandala with inward contemplation charm, was later quoted Western psychologist Carl Jung. I found the essence of Jung and Mandala (self) link through the creation of a large number of Mandala, plus a number of case studies of his counseling, and more certain inherent potential Mandala core personality and self-subtle echoes. Jung, Mandala can not only integrate individual consciousness and subconscious, even Mandala approach can be used in the theory and methods of art therapy; Mandala presented a small universe, it is the personal nature of my mind clear and concrete, but more revealing in Mandala all the images and experiences of all mankind.


Double circular pendant diameter of about 1.8 cm

Alternatively leather rope chain necklace or vintage metal chain
Leather rope necklace 36cm
Distressed metal chain 42cm

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Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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