Pen [Nazi hands perseverance. Green Lake]

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Pen [Nazi hands perseverance. Green Lake]


**hands on [pen] perseverance**

**about [Nazi lake green]**

Name: perseverance pen [Nazi hands. Green Lake]
Material: Brass pen body paint, plating black alloy fittings
Tip: German-made SCHMIDT pen tip, size F
Ink: Cassette (38.5mm European regulation short card water), Austria sellner black pen body enclosing a cassette into the ink tube
Size: 128 * 10 mm (Please note: This product is shorter than the average ball pen, more convenient carrying on)
Weight: 26.3 g
Origin: Taiwan
Instructions: Open the pen cap, unscrew the pen body, the included cassette ink tube, insert the pen tip water at the tip down to stand for a while, let the ink slide into the pen, you can write use.

Maintenance Reminder:
◎ If the pen is not used for a long time, there will be ink dries, the water situation ring true, then you can put the pen tip soaked in warm water for cleaning.
Favorite ◎ careful carry avoid collision pen, the pen tip after impact, it will cause damage to structures, even breaking bifurcation.
◎ with a clean, soft cloth to wipe pens.

^ O ^ on efforts fruit. Frutti di Nuli
"Nu Fruit" want to be your life partner with a temperature around and meet all of your imagination to practical and cozy comfortable everyday life.
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With these values of sharing life, hope for the world to add some more, through your beautiful soul if designed

^ O ^ About KCI
KCI's story, to northern Taiwan from 1972 talking about, from the great need of precision watchmaking process started, with the changing times the market, KCI homeopathic transformation, will warm betting on the creation and development of writing instruments. Over the past few decades focused on the export market KCI, paid special attention to commodity texture, delicate and highly experience making soul, KCI view to the production of goods to the highest good texture and customer satisfaction.

^ O ^ when Nuri fruit. Frutti di Nuli met KCI
II works
Palm perseverance pen
Birth ...

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