WaWu Pocket bag / belts bags, passport bags, sports portable music package (dark green and black)


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    ※ for 5-inch big phone / SAMSUNG GALAXY Note / HTC Butterfly

    [Design / Product Introduction Description]
    Package is an extension of the hand, how to make the package more added convenience of life, we WaWu are envisaged for everyone. This package belts breaking the traditional structure cell phone pocket, and adds a variety of possible ways to hang back and let the personality of people, you can dress as your own daily, carried out with the best dressed.

    [Product Introduction]
    Suitable for the current 5-inch large-scale use of smart phones, but also carry their belts when packets can also be prominent throughout the sets, passport bags. Can be hooked around his waist, belts, can also be worn to belt, girls can also add a small hatchback with a small bag hanging back when, can also be directly removed to put into the bag, multiple match mode, be easily integrated into your life, adding new fun and convenience. Use the inner suede fabric, so you can wipe the phone screen in the way when placing the phone is not afraid to wear, the outside layer modeling pocket, can be placed headphones respectively, transmission lines or documents with the commonly used cards. This package can also be accommodated when the eyes and the flash drive package.
    (A) shall: Take personality color scheme for a neutral dress and modeling itself on the very friends ~
    "Primary yellow, dark black, grizzly peach"
    (B) shall: be like us as little Bucharest pocket cell phone pocket small pocket styling, lovely to burst shape ~
    "Purple little bit."
    (C) shall: also pocket styling, but it is like walking subparagraph (A) personality canvas color, take in between A and B ~ :)
    "Land yellow, red pepper"

    [Size, size, size]
    Size: 12 width (w) x 18 height (h) cm x 1.5 thickness (d) cm

    Content: Before a snap stratified pockets, inside pocket a chamois wipe stratification.
    Mountaineering hook can be attached to a hanging belts, and an adjustable strap can be slung hatchback with hanging chest.
    Also through the use of a belt or rope.

    Taiwanese raw materials production /
    Cotton canvas, cotton cloth, suede cloth, bronze Snap snap,
    Spring clip, bronze metal hook and cotton belt adjustment.

              100% Taiwan design
    / Operate and maintain /
    Recommend the use of conventional detergent, cold water wash separately with other clothes dryer while shuffling, please add laundry.
    Do not dry clean or use bleach, washed flat to dry.
    Wash it separately with neutral detergent and cold water.
    Put it in a laundry bag if using a washing machine.
    Don & # 39;. T use bleach Don't dry clean it Dry it flatly after washing it..

    / Designer and brand profile /
    VickyFan, Taiwan, Taichung.


    "Organization describes"
    WaWu established in October 2010. Currently in Taiwan Eslite Xinyi Store 4th floor
    Counters, each design market with major metropolitan areas set designer brand store sales.
    Spirit of the brand appeal, "a simple design ‧ wealth creation," and stressed that the consistent flow of local
    Cheng made creation. Taiwan fabrics designed primarily to make household items, used to
    Production materials are all Taiwan local materials, and by "Made in Taiwan MIT in 2012
    Smile Products "bags cabinets certified brand with a full range of product development and design cloth as the goal,
    Sustainable development.
    WAWU was by a Taiwanese designer in Oct. 2010.
    Its products are sold in design markets and multi-designer stores.
    The spirit of the brand is & quot; Simple Design,
    Rich Innovation & quot; and & quot; 100% Made in Taiwan & quot.;

    "Brand Spirit"
    ‧ simple design / how to make life more convenient, simple and elegant and practical design
    ‧ wealth creation / colorful new Taiwan color, adding a better life fun
    ‧ Local: Taiwan native, played good strength and good quality Taiwanese
    ‧ environmental protection: the use of natural materials, in harmony with nature
    ‧ light life: things a little better, more simple life, simple design to create rich play

    "Origin / manufacturing methods"
    Taiwan, Taipei


    "Brand style"
    We do not emphasize the product "pattern and cartoons," in a "for the user to add their own special" as
    Orientation of the entire product design, in order to extend to men and women of neutral market Jieke supplies. In the ring, "feel the temperature"
    This part as a starting point, to bring you the characteristics of Taiwan feel design merchandise.


    "WaWu brand Origins"
    After a lot of time, not necessarily the things you like to pursue a dream encounter, but do not pursue a dream encounter
    Absolutely no more interesting.
    Our life is full of passion, every little thing are worth celebrating, be considered to own
    Some small encouragement, re-start the spirit of good, too. Faced with the past "in an amount of system price" era, has slowly
    Young blood is being washed, we gradually realized that behind the pursuit of low prices brought about by imperfect
    Quality and not the sincerity of communication.
    We used to dream of passion infection to every production processes, touched their hearts, come together
    Taiwan's cultural and creative participation in this event. WaWu stressed indigenous design and complete in every aspect of Taiwan,
    Hand, less, although this is sometimes necessary to adhere to roll up our sleeves are to perform, but there will always strive to complete
    Touching fruit waiting for us.

    This is the time, we are no longer blindly follow, we found own good. This moment, from
    Taiwan departure, let the world see, for their dreams, cheer cheer!
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WaWu Pocket bag / belts bags, passport bags, sports portable music package (dark green and black)

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