:: Magenta .L :: tiny ‧ series of extremely fine pearls ring


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    **‧ commodity description and story ‧**
    Who says only as a chain necklace? Ye elegant on the finger!
    :: Chain ring and ring generally different, it can not be quickly slid into the hands shall slowly set into the finger Oh!

    **:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Please read the following information before purchase details and Design Hall Trading Policy :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::**

    **‧ ‧ size measurement**
    ※ Do not directly choose his old ring or the ring around the card marked number refers to the ring around the inner circumference cm cm diameter, ring size around a number of versions, the data are different, but also trouble the actual re-measured to ensure that the selected size Suitable for.
    __**Refers Wai measurement:**__
    1. For the amount of tape wear ring finger to measure the fraction of the public, if there is no tape available paper cut a wide strip 1.5cm alternative, after an amount of foot circle to measure its length.
    2. Do not use wire or rope to measure, because the material is fine, soft, easy to measure than the actual measuring smaller size.
    3. measurements to 0 cm as a starting point to start measuring and relaxing flat against the measure can be, without the tape or strip pulled too tight or too loose.
    4. Since each person's finger shape is different, so the measure should be considered to refer to the size of the joints, in order to avoid undesirable finger around the problem, after finished measuring means may grip around the tape or line moves will not look too tight, fall naturally see or handle too loose will fall.
    __**Inner ring around the diameter measurement:**__
    1. Select an existing ring on hand, put the ring on the ruler to measure the inner diameter of centimeters.
    2. Only measuring ring hole diameter, need not include the thickness of the ring periphery.
    3. Select the appropriate measuring ring size, not too big and will not squeeze the meat, so the measured data inaccurate results.
    4. Select the appropriate measuring ring shape, the ring circle, the more accurate the measured size.
    5. Measure the diameter of the inner ring ring circumference cm, the data would be more accurate.
    ※ to follow after measurement refers to the ring around the inner circumference and diameter cm each other than the following combination of size, look at the data is consistent, and choose the most suitable set of dimensions.

    **‧ ‧ ordered Precautions**
    1. Goods are all after the orders were ordered, and in accordance with the size of the buyer to provide customization. Please read the size measurement before the next set, and double-check the size of your choice is correct, no return service.
    2. Dispatch, gift goods orders please read before order and the number of days to send the goods, or to communicate with the designer before the next one. Do not inform before payment at Order, unable to avoid immediate shipment.
    3. natural cultured pearls every single shape is different, the natural texture lines have formed in the growth process, and not necessarily round, and can accept the next book Oh!
    4. Product images are shooting in different light or screen resolution slightly different, can accept the next book Oh!
    5. In order to avoid goods being in transit crash, all goods will be wrapped in bubble wrap when shipping multilayer crash, such as the promotion of environmental protection, could be in the order remarks "simple packaging", will try with minimal packaging and shipping, but many still do not use environmentally friendly packaging materials, please understand that we want goods to customers when the hands are intact.
    6. If you have any questions, you can also press the right-hand side of the "contact designer" asked a variety of questions goods, we will contact you soon!

    **‧ ‧ Material**
    Plated metal alloys, brass chains, freshwater pearl

    **‧ ‧ maintenance mode**
    Brass and gold commodity is different because of the different ways to wear (ex: sweat pH, humid environment) and chemical substances (ex: hand cream, cosmetics, skin care products, sunscreen, perfume, bleach, strong deep detergent), etc., and generates oxidized condition, it is recommended not to take a bath and prolonged exposure to chemical substances, in order to avoid excessive wear and tear can not be restored. Normal oxidation status will only change the color of dull brass no gold Huang Guangze, such as exposure to chemical goods, can not be restored to the original golden after excessive erosion, and the situation will turn reddish copper color. Therefore, there is no need to wear a folder chain bag package. Wearing a long black oxidation conditions, with a toothbrush dipped in a little toothpaste and brush lightly water can be restored.
    Plated brass alloy oxidation rate is relatively slow, but wearing a long fade caused by oxidation can not be restored, it is recommended to avoid contact with water and chemical substances.
    The degree of oxidation of jewelry according to the wearer's usual habit may be, as do normal maintenance, bright gold jewelry to maintain a relatively long time. Not used to remove the jewelry while bathing or contact with chemical goods, will speed up the oxidation rate jewelry.

    **‧ origin, manufacturing methods ‧**
    Made in Taiwan / handmade
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:: Magenta .L :: tiny ‧ series of extremely fine pearls ring

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