Japan MARLMARL-Marche stripe bibs (purple Hongling Plaid)

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Japan MARLMARL-Marche stripe bibs (purple Hongling Plaid)


Japan MARLMARL-Marche stripe bibs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc2lgsElCMU marche stripes series combines common life horizontal stripes, checks, and other small floral elements. According to the mood of the day to decide which of the wearer is a pleasure too! Double fabric overlay, addition to water absorption, fast-drying outside is also very breathable oh! Whatever the season is very applicable, is the best to eat baby bibs! MARLMARL exclusive packaging design, also suitable for gifts as births, newborn baby the best gift! Japan Textile Inspection Association inspection, quality checks Mommy good peace of mind! https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/04/139695718810.jpg https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/04/1396957185ee.jpg https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/04/139695718458.jpg https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/05/1400758677f7.jpg https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/05/140075867848.jpg https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/04/139701958829.jpg Both cute and practical, Japanese magazine repeatedly interviewed introduction! Loved by domestic and foreign celebrities, including former Japanese actress Lao miles, Susanna (Yamamoto Shayi), Taiwan Princess Hours name bloggers like. 360 Japanese Patent smile round bibs, utility and appearance of both, wild and lovely! https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/09/141165797351.jpg Japan Textile Inspection Association inspection, quality checks Mommy good peace of mind! https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/09/141165796767.jpg / Size, size / Brand: Japan MARLMARL Contents: Japan MARLMARL-Marche stripe bibs x1 Material: Table Cloth: cotton 60% polyester 40% / Lining: Cotton 50% Polyester 50% Neck size: about 27㎝ ~ 31㎝ (MarlMarl thoughtful design neck size comfort obedient, saliva prevent side leakage.) Long: a: diameter of about 31cm (see dimension diagram) Width: b: about 10.5cm (see dimension diagram) Wash: Hand wash can washing machine (need to use laundry net) Age recommendation: 0 to 2 years old (because each different size and there are differences, please refer to the commodity size) Origin: Japanese materials and parts made in China Exporting countries: Japan (by the Japanese Textile Inspection Association inspection export) Note: This product does not contain embroidered words / Designer and brand profile / MARLMARL flagship product ... Smiling round bibs Want to worldwide babies and mothers who bring more joy Newborn baby best is drooling! Mothers will prepare a lot of bibs for the baby, right? But for restless baby, bibs location prone to move, While wearing the bibs saliva dirty clothes but things still occurs frequently now! MARLMARL bib bibs unprecedented innovation round Oh! Japanese stylist Takahashi Michiyo process for some of the Maternal and Child magazine photographed, Often hear mothers who have received less than baby bibs saliva to worry about, The resulting design was inspired circular bibs and get design patents in Japan. Round is our bib features, not only look cute, but also with other bibs powerful functionality not available. Smiling any angle of 360 degrees round design, bibs rotated to 360 degrees can receive baby saliva! Even without replacing dirty saliva, with just a turn for the mothers who bring more convenience. https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/09/141165797047.jpg https://www.mamibuy.com.tw/img/upload/pictures/2014/04/1396958537b9.jpg


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