Curry House Hualien - Hand Nanyang curry dishes package package eight groups (board beef tendon, Nuo spicy chicken, pork, gold, health, fresh vegetables) (260g / pack) (a two pack a total of eight packages)

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Curry House Hualien - Hand Nanyang curry dishes package package eight groups (board beef tendon, Nuo spicy chicken, pork, gold, health, fresh vegetables) (260g / pack) (a two pack a total of eight packages)


* Native and exotic encounter wonderful curry: Handmade flower curry sauce curry flavor, foodie been welcomed at home and abroad, has launched a package of curry dishes, more convenient for some consumers is not easy to cook, can easily be able to enjoy the use of microwave or boiled Southeast Asia curry from the mountain Hualien . Like curry sauce and handmade flavor, food package was born in a small place, like the mountain Hualien, behind the product has and the nature of the good, full of mind Hualien support small farmers. It comes from the mountain Hualien popular gourmet shops - the production of home-made curry, curry founder family - Mama, had in particular to Singapore to study ancestral curry sauce technology, and in Hualien looking natural and fresh local crops to replace imports perfume, sweat, and research and development time to deploy a more suitable for people to taste. Take local spice plant production, not only the production of complex, higher cost, in order to provide consumers with fresh and good curry flavor. And such a good curry flavor natural hand, ready several features: Natural fragrant natural aroma: Direct grinding plants with fresh cooked curry, unlike imported spices, no strong spices, some plant natural atmosphere. Solid and strong deep taste: Natural fresh hand-made curry, eat every bite of the plant fibers, whether galangal, lemongrass, coriander, turmeric and various spices seeds can be fully integrated in the curry sauce. Magically change the flavor: Hualien local smallholders as personally planted plants, direct grind production, so eat every kind of spice with the mouth temperature, showing different levels of taste, along with bite spice seeds of different plants, lead to more magically taste , This is definitely not a special taste curry or curry powder can feel. Bright golden amber color: Curry on natural bright color bright, bright yellow and royal red rendering because the boiling process extracts to taste it picked up, in addition to easy to produce bitterness, but also to have a more natural flavor sauce shine, even more appetizing appearance . Taiwan Food Prize is certain: Because make the best use of local ingredients to produce exotic cuisine, pushed out of food but also taking into consideration such factors as the local culture and the earth, flowers curry commodity won awards in 2010 Taiwan Food Prize affirmed. Nanyang flavor of curry dishes by hand bag, a total of four flavors (beef tendon plate, Nuo spicy chicken, pork and gold health fresh vegetable sauce), all the stores by the family reference curry shop made popular food production, there is not food package in the market, flower curry dishes package in addition to continuation of handmade curry curry house production methods, with fresh ingredients and spices, production from each weight is also very full (a fixed amount of at least 140g), can be stored for a year at room temperature , does not contain any preservatives and artificial flavorings, ideal for less now cook singles and small families. This particular combination, in particular to join (Sweet, spicy flavors second paragraph) curry sauce mix together by hand flavor, enjoy more varied curry dishes * Dedicated to the land, farmers and our earnest blessing: Every purchase flower curry sauce and flavor of your food package, have contributed directly to Hualien organic farming in the ground, so that they have a better environment, any commodity flower curry Hualien small farmers have adopted planted fresh spices, Through deed for, so that they have sufficient profits willing to produce fresh herbs instead of chemical fertilizers harm the earth, and our greatest reward is by land breeds good natural ingredients, so we eat a mouthful of good health. * Share news media coverage: Sanli - Taiwan Shang Qing, TVBS - food is still the players also have a report Hualien - home delicious curry dishes, and even actor Ethan also had a seat Jiabin it!   Product Name: Hand Nanyang curry dishes package (plate beef tendon, spicy coconut chicken, gold pork, vegetarian health fresh vegetables taste each two packages each, a total of eight packages Size: Cuisine package: height of about 17.5cm wide, 15.5cm / package Weight: 260g Approx Weight dishes 2 servings / bag Product Use: Cuisine package: 1 can be directly placed directly without opening the package of boiling hot water heating 2 Unpack the contents were poured placed on a microwavable containers to microwave heating Product Certifications: Taiwan Product Storage: stored at room temperature for 12 months, keep refrigerated after opening, to avoid direct sunlight and close to the water and gas Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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