OMAKE cashmere shawl (light gray)

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omake ショップへ

OMAKE cashmere shawl (light gray)


/ Commodity Description and story /

1. Natural Material
Our shawl is "without stain" natural color
Therefore, only beige, gray, brown and dark brown four colors
This is our little stick
* This back additional arrival of goods, with the last batch will be a slight color difference can receive another subscript Oh! *

2. Features Remake
We sew the corners of the shawl fringed Afghanistan
Kashmir is frivolous added a little weight
Improve stability during use
And we feel good to see, is not it?

3. Cost & amp; Performance
Kashmir has hierarchy
The difference is that the proportion of parts using wool
We provide a "Grade II"
So that we can use at reasonable prices
Light and comfortable to buy shawls

/ Smoothing size / length 200cm width 70cm

/ Material / 100%% cashmere

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

/ Designer and brand profile /
▲ Omake World disarray goods house ▲
We love to travel and explore cultures around the world
Then from them to capture inspiration, and then through the secondary system, stitching design
Making a unique commodity.
We also attach importance to the material, hopes to use environmentally friendly way
Earth does not create new burdens, such as

. Cannabis with stems: do not need too much water will be able to grow, but also compiled a durable things.
. Organic Cotton: natural production, reduce chemical cotton on Earth caused by injury, while also protecting the health of farmers.
. Ethnic embroidery: embroidery art through Remake of minorities, we hope to continue world heritage of mankind.
. Natural dyes: Use vegetable dyes, in addition to reducing the harm to the human body, but also be able to carry forward the tradition of Aesthetics.

Omake is the meaning of Japanese small gift
We hope that through culture and design, to bring the world a little surprise
(O + Make) = We follow the world to develop a cross-cultural fun merchandise. OMAKE like to travel
We make friends from all over the world minorities
Learn traditional techniques with their wisdom
Designed to extend our favorite clothing, groceries them


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