NEROSILVER Mexican silver - Fenghua series Ying auspicious blessing boundless [] 925 sterling silver jewelry necklace Chinese wind / handmade silver

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NEROSILVER Mexican silver - Fenghua series Ying auspicious blessing boundless [] 925 sterling silver jewelry necklace Chinese wind / handmade silver


[Blessing boundless]
Its meaning and "Fuhai boundless" meaning Luetong
Bergamot's "Buddha" and "blessing" homophonic
Meaning fortune, good fortune, good fortune
In folk auspicious symbol meaning of belonging and fruit
Pole shaped like bergamot bergamot
Italy has the fortune "absolute control" of the mood
Like Buddha palm general
Means to reverse the situation, and Fortune
More implicit "blessing without Borders, omnipresent"
.................................................. ........

Chinese ancient society, their lifestyles Decorations are everywhere "auspicious patterns," it is fully integrated into the daily life, primarily to show the common people look forward to the imminent wish good luck, in fact, more artistic decoration and cultural value. Smart ancestors in life seen insects Niaoyu animals, flowers and fruits, bottle basket ware, there are theme can take its homophonic and then compose fluently seemed auspicious words, allowing viewers to sense its meaning, no thanks seriously hi jolly.

Ying auspicious series silverware will be to "lucky draw" as the theme, "silver" have "welcome" a homonym, so a good thing has come to greet (silver inlay)! NEROSILVER Mexican silver imitate ancient artifacts and ancient totem Seiko fine craftsman engraved silver construction method, the auspicious shrink pendant necklace made of sterling silver, just as good fortune, "peace symbol" Usually, wear on the body speed from doom! A well to pray for peace, but also seeking all wishes come true, everything goes responsive mood every day ~!

Works Features /
Ying auspicious series of works designed to work thickness when they withhold production, although the increase in silver material costs, but it allows more solid works, large pendant weighing about 16 grams per piece ± (about 二枚 added weight 10 yuan coins ), the size of less than 10 yuan coins large (visible fine carving), antique collar necklace length of about 18 inches (about 46 cm), you will find more and other home goods with different playing sterling silver thick texture feel, can be considered as a good choice for a family heirloom matter!

A story! Meaningful! Desire! Blessing!
Fit the new wedding, birthday gift, promotion gift, Jinian Li, it is important to treat their own reward gift!

Notes /
● Ying auspicious series of works for the sake of three-dimensional effect, by sulfur pendant body are "curing process" after the hand-polished, please use the "silver polishing cloth" wipe the silver surface in case of cleaning and maintenance when you can, please do not use Ken "wash silver water" soak silver jewelry in addition to easy to hurt this body, but also make vulcanized treated stereoscopic dark side becomes ugly gray mottled, silver jewelry undermine the overall appearance!
● how the body works hand-casting sand holes would have a casting seam with mechanical stamping smooth surface texture of the object is different, naked eye fine sand holes belong to a normal phenomenon peculiar to manual casting! Non-defective!
● Custom Works does not accept returns! Please consider in detail before the next one! Thank you!


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