Church rosewood tea seed glycosides laundry hormone supplement package (floral scent)

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Church rosewood tea seed glycosides laundry hormone supplement package (floral scent)


[Introduction] supplemental package
Intuitive taste, "straight" sense of design ─ supplementary life unique texture
Xenia A tidy life style altogether. In an exclusive personal space, each object represents individual taste; daily in every detail, corner, decoration, movement, all kinds of stress. Tang tea seed supplement package, adding a unique "direct sense of life."

[Features] supplemental package
Commercially available plastic part supplementary package, to be opened with scissors, plastic material spills easily let replenished; the bottom of the non-planar design, easy to erect housing. To enable consumers to have a better experience, tea hall improve these problems in the design, strengthening the following functions:
⊙ level structure: a flat bottom type design, modeling neat, easy storage, and enhance the stability of commodity upright storage
⊙ intimate design: adopt Japan imported bottle, after careful structural design good opening, leakage and more repeat fasten save
⊙ visibility: inherit seed hall classic prints visual color Zeyi standard bottle bottle color-based, easy to identify

【Product desciption】
Clothing, will move, flexible accommodation, so tangible and intangible body can self-contented, well, the presence of which comfortably. After removing clothing, then with pure natural way carefully washed! Body and mind but also with every bit of thread from the day of trouble miscellaneous Tibetan batt is Changran liberation. And once again being surrounded by comfortable clean clothes to cover us, can have the most fearless and calm attitude, even if the shuttle servant servant earth, Tian Ran faction still real.
Tong seed "rosewood tea glycosides laundry prime" tea glycosides by extraction depth clothing fibers, completely away dirt. Rosewood oil flowery fragrance, warm and sweet; composite can extract anti worry ylang essential oils. So that every inch of skin underneath clothing feel very exciting and enjoyable.

[Declaration] peace of mind
Do not add nonylphenol, colors, flavors, Parabens preservatives and other chemicals.

Name │ rosewood tea glycosides laundry hormone supplement package
The main ingredients │ Tea saponin (tea glycoside), rosewood oil, ylang ylang oil
Use │ turn on the add-on pack bottle, pour the right amount of desire supplement standard bottle, and the rest of the replenisher to tighten the cap after saving for next supplement use.
Scope │ cotton, linen, rayon, synthetic fibers and other general clothing, underwear can use
PH value │ 6.0 + -1.0
Caution │ This product includes rosewood oil, fragrance store shades will vary slightly different time, please feel at ease; when you need to specify if the laundry or dry-cleaning of stained prison poor, do not wash; this product is not edible, Keep out of reach of the children. If accidentally ingested, drink plenty of water and get medical attention immediately; if accidentally contacts eyes, flush with water. This product is non-corrosive, but direct contact, wash with water; if the skin wound, please before use gloves to protect the skin.
│ shelf life of three years
Capacity │ 1000ml
Product Size │ LWH 13.7 x 7.5 x 19.5 (cm)
Origin / manufacturing methods


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