TvT cross-color corduroy braided section

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▲ with a variety of hand-made rope with 925 silver jewelry, creating unique, colorful accessories.



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TvT cross-color corduroy braided section


TvT all the goods by my own manual.

Commodity production variable number of days before we can order an order,
Please be patient and be sure to present your most satisfying product to you.

The main rope using silk cord, the new cord bracelet color itself will be a little darker
Bracelet will cover a little bit of white wax, are normal phenomenon, do not worry Oh
As long as wearing a normal bath wash will gradually wash off, the color will be more and more bright Oh!

>>> Figure a color from left to right: black red, black purple, red, green indigo
>>> Product Figure two colors: red color
>>> Product figure three colors: blue and purple color
>>> Figure four for the optional custom color.

▲ Please note after ordering the color and bracelet length you want.

▲ TvT products belong to the custom models, are required to customers and the completion of the remittance after the start of production, to confirm the completion of remittance, the next day according to the "remittance order" production / shipping.

▲ TvT only treats the order as a valid order after you have completed the remittance, which means that we will not purchase, retain or retain the item until after the remittance is completed.

/ Size, size, size, weight /

▲ This bracelet size width of about 0.9 ~ 1cm

▲ tailor-made & optional color (size of more than 20cm, foot ring price will be calculated, please inform us to open another store Oh, thank you)

▲ Each computer screen display settings are different, so there will be color differences, such as color, please contact the designer.

▲ Size: Please give us just a good size (because of each style of different width, if they will lead to more and more widening, such as the habit of loose customers can broaden their own size)

For example: Triangle's hand around the measuring tape measure is 15 cm (this is just the right size), so give us the size is 15 cm

Then TvT will make the bracelet containing "button" to the customer according to the "size" given by the customer + "the inner width of each style is 1 ~ 2.5cm." (Because it is hand-made, it is inevitable there will be 0.1cm ~ 0.3cm error)

▲ wax rope wear a little time will become a little loose, so we should pay special attention to size ^^

▲ Reminder: Be sure to say "Exact" when informing us of size. Just give us a piece of data and do not give us information of "14 or 14.5" because we do not know exactly which one is

▲ In order to help you quickly shipping & save time, when you give us the number we automatically determine that it is the length of the bracelet you want, if you receive the goods is too loose or too tight to change the line, the line fee and postage Please buyers Oh ^^

Please feel free to contact TvT's Facebook inquiry if you have any questions.

/ Material /

▲ wax rope / sterling silver buckle.

/ Operate and maintain /

▲ can take a bath, La cord material will be more washed bright less likely to fade.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade tailor-made


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