/ About sold / Fairy Tales - Dedicated Snow * Snow White - #Copious

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/ About sold / Fairy Tales - Dedicated Snow * Snow White - #Copious


►► No. F005

/ Commodity Description and story /
The famous Disney princess hair like
Hoping to design a suitable princess to wear bracelets
Exquisite fine dotted chain if it appears
Elegant design mini hanging beads
It is dedicated to Snow White - Snow bracelet

►► ** beaded goods because of different sizes, the arrangement will be adjusted **
(Subscript I beg you to confirm before our ** Note, the subscript which represents consent ** Thank you)

/ Size, size, size /
Width: approximately 0.1 cm
Color: White + gold + silver + transparent
Size: XS / S / M / L / XL / custom size (** discount total length are included, need space for themselves **)
(This model demonstration XS partial song / model hand around 12.8cm)
XS: 15cm total length
S: Total length 16cm
M: Total Length 17cm
L: total length 18cm
XL: Total Length 19cm
Customized Size: trouble attach your custom size required oh!

/ Material /
Japanese pure brass beads + + + copper alloy plated Swarovski Crystal + matte silver beads

/ Operate and maintain /
▲ This gold-plated brass ** ** Do not touch the water or perfume, the situation will accelerate the oxidation! If you do not accidentally wipe dry after water!
▲ metal part of the case can be used if oxidation fade silver polishing cloth.
If ▲ usually wear, please put in a sealed zipper bags saved!
▲ ** plated copper alloy oxidation will fade case. This is normal! More unique general sense, suddenly turned into another new style! Be sure to accept guests to buy yo! **
▲ sleep. Please avoid wearing a bath or wash your hands, you can slow down the oxidation situation.
▲ replaced frequently wear jewelry also helps extend the life of goods Oh!
▲ bracelet exquisite fine, although the use of Japanese material toughness is quite good, but please do not pull too strong Oh! Normal circumstances are not the problem!
▲ and humidity over time or due to personal wearing habits influence of oxidation, more unique general sense, suddenly turned into another new look!

/ Notes /
▲ ** after subscript choose custom size if guests sure to attach notes to place your hands around the size (cm) **
And mark on this hand around your amount up just obedient wrist size (by our space for your stay)
Or if you want to hand around the size (you have yourself added to reserve space).
▲ ** To be sure to indicate that obedient hand around or want size! ** Commodity shipping time may cause delayed Oh! Thank you!
Different ▲ goods (by a beaded products) will be the size, arrangement will be slightly adjusted according to length.
▲ since the goods chosen by handmade, so there may be after the completion of the length dimension error of 0.1 to 0.3 centimeters, the same is not the time of ordering the selected length dimension.
▲ each pearl color shades and textures are different, and some have small cracks or other small flaws, there is no way like a human machine made out of stone perfectly. End production of finished natural stone on the size and shape will be irregular situation. So it is no way to 100% as the picture of the commodity exactly the same Oh!
▲ Because of finished goods are handmade so there will be hand-made signs (such as knots or asymmetric situation, etc.) there is no way the same as perfect as machine Oh!
▲ picture of all goods possible because the light or computer screen resolution and other factors have a different color of the case.
▲ ** plated copper alloy and pure brass or bronze material for a long time will fade oxide circumstances, this is a normal phenomenon! More unique general sense, suddenly turned into another new look! OK to accept guests again buy yo! **
** Commodity whether ▲ cause allergic guests doubts, please do not buy Oh ~ ** allergic condition because everyone is different, there is no way to measure ~
▲ The commodities are ** not accept returns of merchandise ordered !! (Design Hall all orders order) **

& Lt; ** OK to accept the above considerations before subscript Oh ** & gt!;

/ Designer and brand profile /
Our products are made of pure handmade
Product is divided into two zones
& Quot; Unique & quot;: commodity this area are all limited (only one of each style are oh!) --- Shelf
& Quot; copious & merchandise quot ;: this area is not limited to the number of Pre ---

Origin / manufacturing methods
made in Taiwan / made by La illimité créa (Handmade)


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