12 postcard stamps sticker +

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12 postcard stamps sticker +


/ Commodity Description /
12 sticker stamps, in particular, can not be added to the zodiac, "cat", so this set of stickers correct name is "13 Zodiac" and threw 12 Zodiac Edition reunion postcard.

Each 2cmX3cm, 13 paragraph 2 each total 26 imitation stamps stickers.

/ Material & Use /
Decorative nature of imitation stamp sticker, unlike valuable stamps, postage can not be redeemed, can be used postcrossing, PDAs, diaries, decorative, collection, packaging ....

/ Origin & Production /
Made in Taiwan / Designed by Buywowpup

Why did not the 12 zodiac kitten story -

Saying ancient times, human knowledge is limited, year after year, month to calculate and do not know the distinction. Thus, the Jade Emperor of mankind should request, in order to come up with names of twelve animals to do each year, so that the common people easy to remember. But what kinds of animals? After much thought, the Jade Emperor decided to do their own birthday animal crossing game, taking the first twelve zodiac animals as thought dating.

After the news spread, all animals are mustering strength, eager to want to get a place in the twelve zodiac. Among them, feeling good little kitty and mouse would also like to attend the meeting, but have small size can not swim. So they please get up early on weekdays and mild temper buffalo help load them a ride.

Jade Emperor's birthday early in the morning, the little mouse to wake up bleary-eyed little cat. But the little cat not wake up, called buffalo mice do not bother him, and departed quickly. Just as they approached the finishing line, buffalo thinking "was the first" idea, then use the mouse thrown fall behind horn, buffalo happy smile.

However, the little mouse but just fell on bamboo technology, mice will rebound toward the end direction, beyond the buffalo, be the first.

Buffalo angrily against mouse "moo, moo" called to give a second. Tiger body came dripping wet, get the third. Rabbit by other animals help to cross the river, then quickly bounced in front of the Jade Emperor, was fourth. Because duty, down came the rain to attend the meeting of the dragon, missed the first and only finished fifth. Then sequentially snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog. The last one of those places, obtained by the usual lazy pig.

Just Jade Emperor declaring: "zodiac via match results, rankings are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken ...... ', the drowning kitten awkward arrived:" I? I? I was the first of several? "

Jade Emperor told it was late, the game is over. Then the little kitty gas to the extreme, that it was not a willful little mouse, thus extend the claws, to mice chain. Originally a little mouse friend, though Stubbs won the first prize in the Chinese zodiac, since they lived in fear of the day, for fear that the cat always find it revenge. So when caught in a cat, only desperately Cuantao, even hiding in the hole in the wall or ceiling, not free everywhere freely.

But also suggested that mice deliberately not called the Little cat, he said: "This is to do good conscience deserve."


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