5 Elements Plus Hi God + AcrylicBrass Brass Ring Acrylic Ring

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5 Elements Plus Hi God + AcrylicBrass Brass Ring Acrylic Ring


- Learn to feel metalworking creation - Hi God + metalwork brass ring handmade acrylic composite series OneSize

- Creative ideas: "Five happy God + unique Five Elements to create your life and love."

Five + Series of Five Elements and love, can best embody the life, and that complex memory concentrated Run

"Breeze, blowing, gathered a taste of all things
There are moist to air, the sun dry gas, cooked cooked air Sese trees and grass, there are ore is dried and soaked smell, hear voices of water, there is a wealth of love soul! "

Want uninhibited life plus point moist element, has always been fond of the five elements philosophy of life mystery of life by ancient wisdom to feel ergonomics to five elements - color and symbol gold / wood / water / fire / earth symbolizes, the more Join the life indispensable "love" element, a combination of the five elements hi God + for the modern philosophy of life was cast into a new interpretation.

/ By designer handmade finished metalwork jewelry, metal craft each are presented. No processing and electroplating metal surface treatment, deliberately leaving malleable texture by hand, with the use of time, more time to reveal a special antique and depth of flavor

/ Each is handmade locally in sterling silver, brass, copper and other metals as the production of raw materials, flat humble and simple but delicate texture processing, minimalist lines, and refined appearance, enhance the beauty of metal craft , each work can feel to feel the texture of the material when making learning insistence and pride. We want to make wear jewelry convey your value of life becomes a unique language.

/ Product Specifications
Positive long width 2.5cm x 3 ~ 3.5cm 1cm thickness
(Single size international around # 11, diameter 1.8cm)

/ Material

Acrylic Acrylic
Brass Brass

/ Use and maintenance info /

Δ pure brass and silver will naturally oxidized color gradient dark as normal substances
Δ Do not wear bathing
Δ regularly use silver polishing cloth
Δ After using the recommended package PE folder chain bag storage, easier maintenance metal, maintain the surface texture
Δ translucent acrylic textured surface is easy to cause wear and tear, carefully maintenance

/ Origin Manufacturing

Taiwan hand for HandMade in Taiwan
Handmade single product creation, limited fabrication

Additive purchase gift wrap!
Photo relations because each computer will be some color difference, please know before buying.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Handmade Handmade in Taiwan


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