Horizontal hand dyed leather badge clip (available when the travel card / ticket jacket)

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Horizontal hand dyed leather badge clip (available when the travel card / ticket jacket)


Static office life, easy to feel tired, which is waiting Do not blame yourself!
Buy a stylish carry small objects reward yourself! With beautiful leather fashionable badge folder ~
Conversion mood, the pace of adjustment, when a fashionable and beautiful working girl.
Stylish set fan merchandise that you must have one!

"Yasuhiro art" all goods imported leather for the material, the texture is very good ~
And then hand-dyed leather handle, let badge folder becomes very textured color is very special~
Leather texture is plastic synthetic leather can not show, own gifts are the best choice!

** Name / leather hand-dyed horizontal badge clip (available when the travel card / ticket sets) **
Dimensions / identification card body height 7.5cm, width 12cm, the ring diameter 2.6cm / Whole length 10.1cm
Compartment / two, one side open and transparent window, the other side of the leather (the back can also be a card, such as picture 3)
Material / vegetable tanned leather. Hardware
Method / hand dyed colors
Color / Please control the first two photos, please tell us the color you want after purchase.
Left row from front to back: pink (Color: 01), red (color number: 02), blue (color number: 03), Hyacinth (color number: 04), white (color number: 05)
Back row from left to right: original leather (color number: 06), orange (color number: 07), coffee (color number: 08), grass (color number: 09), green (color number: 10)
※ gold price is 590 yuan.

Remarks / identification card sandwiched two straight and horizontal, straight → http: //www.pinkoi.com/product/1QPniT09
Can be used with hand-dyed leather neck strap with the purchase (such as a photo 4)
Link to → http: //www.pinkoi.com/product/1-ZpqNaB

Natural hand-made features:
"Yasuhiro art" commodities are all hand-dyed leather stained portion of the system, because the former eat different skin color levels, saturation, color of every piece of leather goods will have a little color situation, which namely leather goods Characteristics (not part of defects and damage to the product range oh).

Natural leather features:
Kraft just like human skin-like, in the growth process may be injured, insect bites and scars, or in different parts of the body lines have formed naturally, such as the stomach will have a similar stretch marks, neck the site will have wrinkles. Skin can not be completely smooth, without wrinkles, which is a natural form please understand - natural leather itself scars or blemishes and lines are not damaged product range Oh!

Please note before you buy:
Unless there is a major flaw of goods, buyers do not because the wrong color, do not like it, buy the wrong, and the expected drop ... and so reason to return! Please buyers determine just buy Oh!


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