Geranium natural soy candles - natural soy cans x x x Smoke - pure essential oils

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Geranium natural soy candles - natural soy cans x x x Smoke - pure essential oils


▲ geranium effect: Situation geranium reduce eczema and dermatitis, regulate hormonal function of the system, to help menopausal problems. ******************** ▲ Garden No.5 wax beans cans series ▲ Name: Geranium soy candles - cans ▲ Material: Geranium essential oil + soy candles + Tieguan ▲ Dimensions: Diameter 75mm (height 75mm) ▲ Burning time: about 54 hours ******************** ✤ cans series is a simple and practical style. When all the candles burning glass containers can be placed after a small jewelry or potted plants to use. Lighted candle itself will not emit little flavor. ✤ soy wax Soy Wax is a naturally renewable resource ✤ Is extracted from natural soybeans out, in 1992 by Michael Richards who seek natural, environmentally friendly materials can replace beeswax invented. It is absolutely no general petrochemical wax contained toxins produced by the American Soybean refined vegetable waxes, natural environment natural decomposition. ******************** Advantages ✤ ✤ soy wax // With environmental protection concept Natural ingredients, pure and non-toxic, complete combustion, no smoke does not produce toxic gases paraffin, safe and environmentally friendly // Use liquid wax can be used as hand cream We use good quality 100% natural soy wax moisturizing good degree of moisture, easily absorbed by the skin, plus waxing liquid itself temperature is not high (about 38-43 ℃) is an excellent and natural hand cream. // Combustion time increases Each block soy candle can burn approximately 20 hours, the combustion time is longer than 30 to 50% of paraffin. // Clean air, good deodorizing effect Soy candles lit, you can easily remove the bad smell of the house taste (smoke or musty ... etc) // Rich in soy lecithin and isoflavones Phospholipid may help repair damaged cell membranes, helps normalize biological cell structure and to ensure the smooth progress of the human metabolism. Soy isoflavones are natural hormones, have tender skin whitening effect. // Ideal home furnishings After unpacking without burning will emit bursts of fresh aroma. ****************** \ Precautions/ • Do not put in contact with children or animals to the place. • Do not place in direct sunlight is the place. • Keep candles cited about 5mm. • Try not to burn more than three hours. Origin / manufacturing methods Korea ➙ we Garden No.5 in addition to all-natural soy candles outside in the Pinkoi there is another small shop - Muffël Store. ➙ all our sterling silver jewelry and 925 sterling silver material, mostly handmade, welcome to Muffël Store to see, to find your favorite silver ornaments. Due to the volume of each commodity much, please ask before buying can shipping time. ♥ MUFFëL design ♥ like the simple but also want to have and others do not like beautiful things, preference for jewelery, love of beauty and texture elements, ordinary plain can also be worn with a difference of taste. Then it can not be less jewelry embellishment, add a little color to the boredom of life, to make life a little warmer, a little joy, a little more love. So that each woman can find their own favorite jewelry is what we want. ♥ Merry-Go-Around ♥ be construed merry children's playground, but in our concept may be known as the "happy" all around you every day. We want to follow us to the joy of jewelry together each of you and accompany you every day. Please a lot of support skills :)


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