Moriyama cabin | heart painted | Wood | Natural stone | Crystal | Blue Chalcedony | Necklace | Christmas | Gifts

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Moriyama cabin | heart painted | Wood | Natural stone | Crystal | Blue Chalcedony | Necklace | Christmas | Gifts


[Moriyama cabin]
Away from the hubbub of the city,
Enjoy every moment of tranquility.

[Material / size]
Hand-made mini-cabins about: 0.8mm
This exquisite cabins are produced by partner Yplus7880, such as his work may be interested to Pinkoi shop visit:

Each about: 3.5x4.5CM cm
Native wood. Obsidian.
Pigment: Acrylic (Plastic color - Waterproof)
Metal 鋉 (wax cotton rope can be replaced, please contact the designer)

[Blue Chalcedony - efficacy / spiritual action]
1. Roman people think they can wear chalcedony defends the evil spirits, security and peace and to avoid some of the negative energy of the infringement, to go out often travel outside of people, is a good talisman.
2. According to foreign literature, chalcedony aspect can reduce eye problems, for gall bladder, liver, bladder, bones and blood circulation systems also help.
3. It is said that pregnant women can also reduce pain and promote the effectiveness of breast-feeding, for about 30 minutes to strengthen energy chalcedony many if UV light or indigo blue under ultraviolet light irradiation.
4. corresponds to the throat chakra blue chalcedony, self-expression and the ability to increase communication and coordination.
5. hindrance helps unlock various negative energy, such as anti-villain, anti-non-like.
6. Blue Chalcedony is often recommended for those poor memory, impaired creativity, thought disorder, trembling voice weak, the lack of courage.
7. Blue Chalcedony brash people can also help restrain anger, self-control, and it can even prevent the wearer feel jealous, falling objects.

[Designer Profile]
Thanksgiving cosmic arrangement let me know you.
I am from Hong Kong, as a jewelry designer, hypnotist and spiritual therapist, I would like to work through the healing effects to bring guests.
Crystal natural stone connected with the infinite energy of the universe, in my heart inspiration, with a transfer of positive energy, peace and harmony, simple and natural, blossoms with the nature of the concept, the crystal material in combination with a variety of natural stone, making unique personality works.

[The designer stores in Pinkoi]
The store mainly simple, casual, retro-oriented.

[On cleaning crystal / metal jewelry]
1. Each piece of jewelry designer will first purification treatment to the sun / moon / sound therapy wash the old energy, while re-issuance of new energy to each piece of jewelry can be worn so that each person absorbs energy, special display their individuality.

Natural materials / crystal stone belong to each one unique natural,
Pictures of goods because of the light or screen resolution different factors produce color.
OUR handmade jewelry from Hong Kong or purchase materials from all over the world,
Some species even more unusual is unique, thanks for your support!

[Proposed] maintenance accessories
Metal: Avoid wearing bath, also avoid contact with rain, sweat, moisture, chemicals and other accessories would infringe surface will easily lead to oxidation.

Hong Kong Post Office: registration sent by air, the arrival time 10-20 days
Wind Express: Required customer ID number, arrival time of 3-5 days
Origin / manufacturing methods
Hong Kong


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