Church door tea and wind Four Seasons (Four Seasons) - canned tea / 150g

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Church door tea and wind Four Seasons (Four Seasons) - canned tea / 150g


**[On the door]**
**"Home" temperature - from interior design to the tea business hall**
*Everything originated in the vision of the family,*
*We will be home to the temperature of the tea into a temperature;*
*But also to care for the family's intentions into tea*

Child parents busy, so we cherish when visiting friends and relatives, family members gather together to chat tea time; grow up, our four help customers construct their imaginary home, there are always busy, apart from the memories started in the tea. For us, the "home" is the family gathering place, while "tea" is the gathering strength of the family.
So we open the door to the creation of tea together, to remind you, "no matter how busy, but also home to a cup of tea."

**[Door] Picks**
**Confidence drinking tea**
*Open tea tea area around the church visited Taiwan, carefully selected local tea*

We insist that Qinfang tea, witnessed tea harvesting and production;
We insist that purely natural, each batch of tea have machine certification marks, or through pesticide testing;
We insist that Taiwan original leaf, no tea imports, no ground tea powder, tea bags so that there are now bubble feelings;

- "Peace of mind because I wanted a cup of tea, so we carefully look for tea."

**【product manual】**
**Wind and Four Seasons**
75g / 150g canned
Four Seasons from mingjian Nantou County

Fermentation degree: semi-fermented
Roast: 1 minute
Soup: Gold carved
Aroma: elegant floral
Throat rhyme: slightly sweet throat

Tea is the most widely loved by farmers
Than fragrant flowers, sweet sweet - The Four Seasons

Dry seasons are spring and bubble tea, gardenia exudes elegant fragrance, imported fresh fresh,
Sweet aftertaste in the throat and nasal hang around,
If a close your eyes, that picturesque landscapes at hand.

Nantou name of sunshine throughout the year, plus generous soil and other natural conditions,
Taiwan's first tea production, so that Taiwan's "birthplace of tea."
We visited the beautiful landscape between the name of tea-day, happens to be sunny,
Sam Rainsy, green, warm sun, the breeze
Church door tea this piece sunny, spring beauty back,
Presented to you.

**Taiwan cultivation, production in Taiwan**
*Taiwan foot of land, is our common home*

Perhaps not bubble pot of tea, but food Anfeng Bo frequent now, and how to drink tea at ease is our challenge; this we visit around the northern, eastern tea, looking to Taiwan tea. In the tea-door-search process, we not only farmers receive hospitality, many others hold "adhere to the traditional emphasis heritage" faith friend moved.
Faithful to farmers, the foot of the land is the basis of life conceived, called the mother of all things. With their gratitude sowing and harvest, but also did not forget to keep the land care, because only sustainable management, so that future generations can continue flourishing.
The belief that we are more determined to promote tea culture in mind, I hope more people to sit down with us, bubble pot of tea, because in the land of Taiwan, we are all family.

**How simple bubble tea []**
*Enjoy the most natural feeling in the most simple way*

**Hot bubble**
Take dry tea with boiling water ratio of 1:50,
300 Ke Make cup for example, need to add about 6 grams of tea
(Strips 1/3 cup of tea; spherical tea 1/5 cup; or 1 to 2 packs tea bags)
Boiling water injection,
Wait 45 seconds, filtered tea, you can enjoy
After three bubble can be extended with the tastes of every bubble tea time

**Cold bubble**
Take dry tea with water 1: 100 ratio
In 500 g plastic bottles, for example, need to add about 5 grams of tea (1 to 2 packs tea bags)
Injecting cold or ice water
Standing or refrigerator 6 to 8 hours, you can enjoy

**Place of origin**


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