【Into the house ceremony】 ToolBook tools, books / dark gray /

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High-quality hand tools combination; and the concept of book is the hope that the tool is like the book, when you need i



strelka ショップへ

【Into the house ceremony】 ToolBook tools, books / dark gray /


/ design concept/
Can storage be made even more special or will it fit in?
Free on the space, can be part of life.

When looking for it, it is around, and never need to rushed to find out!
The simplest needs in life are laid out in a box.

After a long period of analysis and collection of data, we found inspiration from the 18th-century woodworking group. We carefully designed the style from the lines and we drew this screwdriver, not to show our workmanship, Just want to change the simple things in life, screwdrivers can also be different.

The book's concept is that the tool of hope is just like the book, and when you need it, just open it and feel free to help. I think this is a tool, book!

/ product description/
More than three years of hard work, after numerous design, revision.

With more than one adjustment and more than one defeat, Strelka has undergone thousands of challenges and has completed the basic necessities of life - the "screwdriver." Yes, we made it different, so the tools were so easy to place. Can also be naturally integrated with the surrounding living environment.

In the design level, different from the usual Luo Lai to the type, we give it a brand new appearance, indirectly enhance its value; functionally, it solved the modern life will be more and more narrow living space Facing the storage problems, it can be placed in a bookcase or coffee table, convenient collection also no longer need to find everywhere; in the production level, it broke through the traditional screwdriver into the core of the plastic handle manufacturing process, two kinds of metal The combined method is the result of more than 1,000 failed screwdrivers.

The current view of Taiwan's major hand tools manufacturers focus on their own patented special features research and development, the improvement of materials and related processes more difficult to start, the most important reason is the time required for the development of steel materials in large quantities, with the steel, metal Industrial centers and other professional units jointly developed. Strelka has a dedicated staff for material research and development, and has its own factory to create production, so we can successfully mass production [ToolBook tools, books], and this product has been published before the publication of design platforms and professionals at home and abroad Recognition.

In the future, Strelka will also devote itself to various public welfare activities. By practicing the concept and spirit of the brand in a concrete way, more people's lives will become more valuable. We believe that our brand can make Taiwan more proud.

/ Size, size, size, weight /
1 x tool box (201x194.3x46.7mm, 1.01KG)
2 x screwdriver (5, 6mm)
2 x cross screwdriver (# 1, # 2)
6 x hex wrench (2, 2.5, 3, 5, 6mm)
1 x user manual

/ Origin /
Taiwan design, manufacture


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