{Daily} small luxury of natural pearl anklet // 14K fine gold note

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Yasmin Yu Designs

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{Daily} small luxury of natural pearl anklet // 14K fine gold note


+ Natural freshwater pearl

+ Length: 25cm

+ Material: 14K Gold Note

14K Gold Filled * What is it? *
1/20 14K Gold Filled, called 14K GF, 1/20 on behalf of the gold content of 5% by weight of the total, 14K GF means forging 14K gold, that is, under high temperature and pressure conditions, 14K gold forging metal tire, the Forging gold surface hardness, high wear resistance, easy to lose gold texture. This process originated in the 19th century British Shengfeierde city, are commonly used in high-end eyewear and watches valuable collectibles, with a K gold texture!

US imports of 14K gold material, proper maintenance can be 10 years without fading, general bath with sweat will not be much impact, but still try to avoid hitting the perfume of chemical substances. If exposure to chemicals available water wash Net dry.

+ Pearl maintenance:

Pearl's main ingredient is calcium formate and water charcoal, pearl skin layer hardness is not high, only 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale - between 4, after long years water will reduce the yellowing tarnish or present cracks, but it Fortunately, it is very slow recession as long as proper maintenance, pearls and even handed down for generations, the following is the pearl of maintenance, should pay attention to the following several points:

- Pearl is best placed in the jewelry box, or in a drawer, can be placed in the dark, so that the pearl sleep time.

- Pearl afraid of acid, so while wearing pearl try not to have direct contact with the skin at the skin oils and sweat beads are hurt when wearing a string of pearls, best worn on clothes after the Pearl case of acid, the surface will be chemical reaction , pearl luster and color will disappear.

- Pearl susceptible to scratches, so due to avoid friction with other jewelry have the opportunity to do housework when beads should also be removed in order to avoid injury and loss include pearl leather beads can never be close to the high temperature, it will turn yellow.

- To avoid stains when Pearl cosmetics, hair spray, perfume so it's best finish in makeup after wearing it, because cosmetics can be filled at the bead surface level, making it dull, and hair spray and perfume can cause injury to the pearl. yellow beads.

+ Yasmin Yu Designs: I believe the beautiful jewelry, should not only stay in special occasions wear, jewelry should be clever outfit set off every day, long-form personal style sparkling jewelry to a woman, dedicated to love life, to understand. Enjoy modern female life!
Origin / manufacturing methods
Singapore / Designer Hand-made


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