Dan Long carburizing teapot


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  • [Pot] Dan Long carburizing

    Bottom section: Huang Guan Lun
    Imprint: Crown Lun
    The tip India: yellow


    The Qing Wu Dingmei "Yangxian tea pot Fu":
    "Round persons such as pills, little vertical body for dragon eggs."
    This is the first dragon egg pot formula
    Dragon egg shape is to take on the egg-shaped


    Book of Songs "brave born" in the records
    Nine dragon brave prince from the dragon egg is hatched in
    Folk, dance to ward off evil, meaning there everything worry



    In Eastern cultures
    Long is a supreme auspicious totem
    In "Dragon Dan" to name, is a good wishes and sustenance


    Black tea is the exclusive development workshop jug carburizing
    Each of the pot are all secondary firing
    (Ie need kiln firing twice)
    Charcoal smoke into the teapot
    Therefore teapot from the inside to the outside are black
    Natural black color
    (Usually black glaze made unattainable bright black color)
    Carburizing pot with far infrared function
    Far infrared can shake water
    Change water quality, make tea softened, more fluently


    Teapot handmade, beautiful and delicate lines
    Cover, button, the mouth, the pot-shaped
    Every detail of the overall mix is extremely particular about
    Rigorous workmanship, smooth lines, water, close lid
    Molding product is difficult to imitation, are more scarce relative yield


    Each pot after the order start making
    Will help you within a week after production is complete shipping
    Please be patient, if you can not wait for the next single Do

    Because each of the pots are all handmade
    Therefore, the shape, size will be slightly different with photos
    May also be some color on the screen
    Teapot as it may not be completely the same photo
    Above, such as can not accept, do not order, thank you for your cooperation ~


    Dimensions: L: 12 x H: 7 x W: 8.5 cm
    (Each of the pot size varies)
    Capacity: about 200 ~ 250c.c about
    Weight: 200g about


    Deployment of every piece of soil are all using ore personally deployment
    Definitely not use commercially available ready-made earthworks
    Products are exported to China, and through into the customs quality inspection
    Toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and sustainable coexistence with the environment

    Usage and Maintenance of way]

    The first time you use a new pot
    Please use the hot water to rinse the jug use
    For a variety of teas
    Paowan tea with boiling water wash
    Dry cloth (tea towel) and cover the teapot surface can be dried after cleaning

    [Introduction] Authors and Brands

    **jug Mania**

    And then by the thirst and tea tea
    Representative enhance the mood of life
    What we want is "sincere" "joy," "freedom"


    Workshop jug logo design "jug vegetarian"
    By the founder Mr. 王文玉
    Font made personally engraved with Zhuanti
    Joked that he is in a broken house
    Attitude to life hanging life
    Focused exclusively carry out every teapot

    **On Crown Lun Huang**

    2016 Taichung City Cultural Center pinching pot Dadun exhibition
    2015 China Xiamen International Tea Expo exhibition
    2015 Cardiff Miaoli firewood firewood kiln Wang Wenyu teacher study
    2015 Hsinchu Ishii Hill Art Park Wang Wenyu teacher learning firewood firewood
    2015 index Cultural & Creative Arts Invitational Exhibition pot
    2014 water flow Ceramics Association Fan
    Fifth prize pot of gold 2014 Taiwan International Design Competition Exhibition of Ceramics
    Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum
    Fifth prize pot of gold 2014 Taiwan International Design Competition Exhibition of ceramics selected
    2014 China Xiamen International Tea Expo exhibition
    2014 National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center - Yingge more mediums research branch
    Professional ceramic technology talent nurturing program assistant lecturer Deepening
    2013 Sixth Cross-Strait Fair in Xiamen
    China's outstanding works of arts and crafts Silver Award
    2013 CCIA sixth Cross-Strait Cultural Industry Fair exhibition in Xiamen
    2013 Kaohsiung Cultural Center Hand Teapot Exhibition
    2013 Dadun Taichung Cultural Center exhibition pinching pot
    2012 CCIA Fifth Cross-Strait Cultural Industry Fair exhibition in Xiamen
    Tea Expo 2011 Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition pinching pot
    2009 Professional NRK Blank teapot production
    PAN Jun 2009 under the tutelage of teachers of learning pinching teapot
    2008 under the tutelage of Wang Wenyu teacher learning pot art
    Cai Junwei 2008 under the tutelage of teacher learning NRK Blank
    2005 Department of National Taiwan Ocean University nautical Bi

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan Yingge District / handmade
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Dan Long carburizing teapot

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