(Navy blue) 16cm [MSA GLASS ENGRAVING] Jellyfish Avatar indoor glass luminous jellyfish jellyfish lettering gift handmade artwork customization


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  • **Please contact press [designer] Remarks lettering content (in English, Japanese and Korean digital can)**
    **Special limitations: do not accept overseas order only Taiwan-made VIP**
    https://www.pinkoi.com/search?q=%E9%98%BF%E5%87%A1+%E6%B0%B4%E6%AF%8D (all jellyfish colors)

    Material: glass / glass jellyfish shape is and add a layer of luminous powder
    Dimensions: 16cm x 9cm (handmade each piece slightly different) 2KG

    **Customized range: a text (in English and Japanese digital date will be accepted)**
    **(Special customized according to the complexity of the additional offer, welcome to provide custom drawing)**

    Features: handmade Shape each piece jellyfish tentacles neither the same direction, a lot of bubble distribution is part of the design of non-defective, waterlines and lined in glass manufacturing process is a normal product of the colors will be slightly different to the actual product prevail


    Luminous: When the night light can not, mainly light absorbing more luminous effect will be better, the absorbance in the office generally means that there is a sunny window or fluorescent office, will make luminous light absorption, when there will be a slightly dark light, if placed in a relatively long time in the dark, luminous effect is poor

    Glowing jellyfish like Avatar was floating in the air, beautiful colors emit light at night, can be placed next to a table or aquarium, shape and movement of each piece of glass by hand tentacles jellyfish neither the same, that is a unique life works! Designer hand-carved glass for you to write blessing to write on miss

    **Thanks for sharing customized out of the box jellyfish in the aquarium ~**
    Jellyfish in the aquarium is a great idea !! fluttering is not also want to help the family of baby fish tanks add a friend? A dazzling thought really keeps a jellyfish !! XD

    If want to work carving the main front-destructive, it is recommended at the bottom (in contact at the desktop) Year commemorative sculpture,
    **MSA can not be shipped completely custom engraving works**
    Reference Examples bottom carving

    **Hand made of glass jellyfish special instructions**
    Each handmade piece includes a shape and color depth are not the same, some greenish or bluish some average distribution of different shades of color, I am afraid you can not specify the color, is it part of your jellyfish have unique colors

    MSA-carved live jellyfish

    Some people may ask, this is not true jellyfish inside Afghanistan? Designers recommend this from the inside to the outside is made of glass, but the United States called a "surprise Jellyfish" (The Amazing Jellyfish) The jellyfish body is really made of lamps, these jellyfish lamp without a plug , just go to a dark environment, can release blue luminescence.

    "Jellyfish surprise" collects jellyfish corpses natural death, to be frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then sealed oval in transparent resin material. Designers special presentation they really surprising works for everyone, but of course it is even more lifelike jellyfish really can be said to be another craft!
    **PS reminded again not to mislead**
    In this video, the non-MSA brand sold works, and you buy into all made of glass crafts Oh


    **Special limitations: do not accept overseas order only Taiwan-made VIP**

    **Works Reminder:**
    1. Can not sunshine, general indoor lighting can
    2. If there is not too long in the dark Glow (usually for an absorbance)
    3. The luminous and luminous related to the distribution of each piece Jie difference, luminous works of the main functions it is impossible not to luminous effect as expected is not bright enough and so returned, please pay attention to instructions to avoid misunderstanding
    4. works about 2KG fragile, please note the location of the storage place, bumps fragmentation can not be repaired
    5. The luminous effect of each piece are almost pure white jellyfish is the best
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    マレーシアUS$ 27.20US$ 13.60
    中国US$ 27.20US$ 13.60
    日本US$ 40.80US$ 0.00
    タイUS$ 27.20US$ 13.60
    香港US$ 10.20US$ 5.10
    その他の国・地域US$ 102.00US$ 20.40
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(Navy blue) 16cm [MSA GLASS ENGRAVING] Jellyfish Avatar indoor glass luminous jellyfish jellyfish lettering gift handmade artwork customization

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