Salad / Bath / Bath / Moisturizing / Oil Control

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Salad / Bath / Bath / Moisturizing / Oil Control


[Limited time] Monga soap, discount full gift
Where to buy Monga soap
Over $ 1500, that is presented with Monga soap soap (100g) $ 250.
Can accumulate gift, buy more, send more.

[Monga soap brand story]
Vale Riverside Monga
From the Qing Dynasty to the Japanese rule
A hundred years of civilization gave birth to the soap industry
Won the whole Taiwan Fenghua

Monga soap founder
Founded shops in 1966
Hand soap pure natural flavor
Family brand we adhere to tradition, conscience
Fifty years and so on for another fifty years

Monga soap is the traditional handmade soap in Taipei,
Combined with the traditional production methods and local culture as the main axis.

In the 1960s, Monga was the center of Taiwan's soap production.
In 1966, Monga soap founder founded the shop, and then created the "Monga soap" brand, adhere to the traditional cold technology to produce traditional handmade soap.

Monga soap adhere to 50 years of traditional formula
Make every piece of traditional rustic soap
Let everyone see it's sincere and simple inside

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Mainland entity
Suzhou Eslite Bookstore, side of the Guangzhou shop, side of the Chengdu shop, the side of the Chongqing store, the side of the Qingdao shop
[Taiwan Fair] Monga soap to participate in the Taiwan Fair has entered the third year. This year we will launch a new taste of the goods, so that our old customers, new friends together to feel different "Monga soap", but the only constant is that we adhere to the original intention of quality.
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Causeway Bay
Hong Kong Pacific
Eslite bookstore
Eslite Lutheran shop
Shibuya Taichung Zhongyou Department Store
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Taiwan Fair
Taiwan Fair
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North Wei makeup wide word No. 10502114 10408138 number


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