Taiwan special series mug - ancient taste

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We have been thinking, What kind of method should be used to let everyone know Taiwan and discover Taiwan. The tradition



Taiwan special series mug - ancient taste


♫ Design concept In retro memories, I love Taiwan, and I am loyal to the country, and the patriotic card is a classic saying that everyone is catchy. When I was a child, I liked the dessert prince, and I was able to take the marbles that I played with marbles. There is also the cold clams ice that Aber rides on the tricycle. In addition, the fun child king pinball machine, the surprise full-scale gashapon machine, As well as the wave drums that I love to shake around, I have a taste of the ancient taste. There is also a classic brand of Vespa, a long-lasting taste, black pine, And the cute and impressive Datong baby endorsement of Datong electric cooker There are also old-fashioned dial-up phones, vinyl record players, postboxes, and national workbooks. These classic resounds form a strong sense of ancient taste in everyone's heart. 尺寸 Size description Size / diameter 8.7cm, height 10.3cm (This product is handmade, the cup is not 100% round, the capacity and size is ±3%, all are good) Material / Porcelain: Capacity / 380ml Origin / Taiwan: Washing method / Recommended to use neutral detergent and soft sponge cleaning ♫ Brand introduction We have been thinking, What kind of method should be used to let everyone know Taiwan and discover Taiwan. The traditional culture of "tea" has given us a concept. Using the "cup" to represent the spirit of the tea, the Taiwan Cup was born! Whenever you hold a Taiwanese cup in your hand to make a cup of coffee, good tea or a full of sweet boiled water, Can make you miss the taste of Taiwan and feel the temperature of Taiwan. At the same time, it also conveys Taiwan’s strong human touch. I think this is the happiness that the Taiwan Cup wants to express. We have pondered how we can aid others discover and understand Taiwan. The spirit of our traditional culture "Tea serving- free tea for strangers passing by" inspires the birth of Taiwan Mug. Via "cup," we'd like to deliver the best characteristics of the Taiwanese people, generous, warm-hearted and passionate . A cup of tea, coffee or even plain water, whenever holding the Mug, you will recall the most beautiful aspects of Taiwan, its food, warm people and sincere friendship. Taiwan Mug, the memory of all the happiness and touched moments you've experienced in Taiwan. I used to think that the より, どの様にすれば are all in Taiwan.そのそ, Taiwan’s 伝 である culture, “tea offering” に辿り きました. The concept of "こ" is used to express the spirit of "カップ" and "tea offering".これにより これにより した が が が, "Taiwan カップ" です! "Taiwanese カップ" をーにコーヒーや delicious しいお tea, ミネラルウォーター, etc. into the bank. "Taiwanese カップ" で で の きな きな きな きな きな 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾 台湾これこそ正に, "Taiwanese カップ" が 様にお けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい けしたい ♫ Precautions 1. It is not suitable for children under the age of six. 2. Fragile products should be used with care. 3. The color of the product may cause color difference due to the relationship between the web page and the shooting. The picture is for reference only, and the product is subject to the actual delivery style. 4. This product is a manual mug. Due to the relationship between the process, there are occasional pinholes or small black spots. It is a good product. Please use it with peace of mind. 5. Patented goods, counterfeiting


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