Passport holder │ natural water repellent │ imitation leather paper

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How can you increase the weight of the country, imitation leather passport holder, so that you lose the weight of the leather and plastic taste, more paper light, environmentally friendly materials to enhance the texture!



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Passport holder │ natural water repellent │ imitation leather paper


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**Chelau's bag**
Creative design with simple and simple taste
Adhere to the aesthetics of life without burden on the environment

Functional, stylish design, process environmental protection, is the brand principle of the paper bag.
We believe that the process of reducing waste is not a burden on the environment and ecology.
Plus simple and simple design, it is the best brand.
With brilliant ideas, simple and pure beauty,
Expressing innocent confidence is the most enjoyable life practice.

A paper bag with a simple design for an easy lifestyle
Pragmatic, fashionable, environmentally-friendly are the three fundamental rules for Chelau's Bags. Chelau believes that the simplest design is the best design, both in the aspect of fashion and for environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

**Chelau's bag 阙佬 paper bag features**
▪ Replace the chemical with natural wax to make the paper fiber more resilient than water
▪ Paper leather impregnated with natural resin, waterproof and good tensile strength and burst strength
▪ Natural material, making the bag as light as feathers and as durable as canvas
▪ Materials are FSC certified, made of non-primary wood pulp, lightweight and environmentally friendly
▪ Washable in washing machine, not due to the nature of paper, but affecting durability and durability
▪ The rustic appearance is rich in multi-layered touch and style, it is worth your taste
▪ Globally step by step in Taiwan to develop manual manufacturing

**【media reports】**
2016-1210Taiwan to Qian Chong - creative home big flip paper all over the package

2016 public viewing wins in the global village 阙佬 paper package

**[Specifications of size specifications]**
Product size size│H14.5 x W10 x D2
Net weight Weight│35g
Color Color│ leather, coffee, black

**[Material Description Material]**Leather Paper Jeans label

**[Manufacturing method]**Taiwan limited edition handmade

**[Daily maintenance]**
1. The bag may be discolored due to the number of washings and friction.
2. The color of the dye will fade with time and sunlight.
3. Although it is treated with natural wax on the surface, in humid climates, keep it dry and store in a ventilated place during the rainy and foggy seasons.

**[cleaning treatment]**
1. Small stains on the surface: You can use the eraser to lightly wipe with a soft cloth or a soft cloth to remove dirt.
2. Deep dirt: It is recommended to do local cleaning first, brush it in a small area with a fine brush. Remember to use too much force, it will cause partial whitening.
3. Quickly wash or lazy hand wash: then throw it into the washing machine.
4. Regardless of the kind of washing: remember to try to "flatten" after washing to avoid wrinkles.
5. It is not allowed to dry at high temperature, and the sun father is better than the dryer.
6. Dilute with a neutral detergent that does not contain bleach or phosphor.

**[Precautions before purchase]**
About 瑕疵
Each bag is handmade, so there will be some slight differences.
If you have the following problems, it is a normal phenomenon of hand-made!
▪ Product size (normal error range 1cm~2cm)
▪ Product color difference (may be slightly different from the actual product color due to computer screen settings)
▪ Line head
▪ Very small stains (no more than 0.5cm in diameter)
▪ Indentation
▪ Slight off-line
Unacceptable customers, please do not force orders!

2. About the quantity of goods and shipment
Since each bag is hand-made in limited quantities, the sale is completed and will not be replenished.
Customer service personnel are also limited, there will be a shortage of goods can not be updated in a timely manner, please forgive me.
Orders are made Monday through Friday and are expected to arrive within 2-4 business days; holidays are not shipped!
If you are unable to wait, do not place an order to avoid misunderstandings and troubles.

3. About replacement
Limited hand-made bags, the pages are marked with size and specifications.
Non-significant defects are not provided for return.
If there is a major flaw, the complete package tag has not been cut,
Brand new (no one can use traces, malfunctions, breakage, scratches, dirt, odor, moisture, wash)
Complete (commodities, accessories, accessories, gifts, complete packaging inside and outside).
Please take a photo within 7 days and send a letter to the customer service staff to help you with the replacement.

Chelau's bag Thanks to all the supported friends, I hope that the friends I receive will feel the natural simplicity!


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