[ViewFinder T 恤] - Magic corpse - female models (only female S)

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[ViewFinder T 恤] - Magic corpse - female models (only female S)


● ViewFinder all T-shirt, limited edition, full one thousand free transport! :)

[T-shirt] concept

Donglongdonglong boom Long ~
Exciting background music sounded, magician slowly raised his hat, gentle to spit out the words
"The next step is to witness the miracle of time ..."


Ah ~ ah ~
I saw the audience cheers, screams everywhere, bright red patches of liquid like petals scattered on the stage,
His head open like a beautiful rose.


The study of people unknown child, immediately applauded, as if to give the magician's applause, reverberates sky!
Encore that even people who are believed to be outside the highest rating given to a magician ...


Staff on the stage is horrified to know what to do, "rehearsal there this plot it ???"
Mr. Rabbit did not say anything, just sighed, "I'm tired ... no trick changed ..."


British political philosopher of the 18th century, "Jeremy Bentham" (Jeremy Bentham)
Is one of the earliest people to support animal rights.
He said "there are a few long-legged, long downy skin is, if there is a long tail,
Are not constitute a deprivation of human beings enjoy the same reason to be treated;
The question is not whether animals think that the animal can not speak, that they can feel pain.


In this basis,
Part of the animal protection requirements where awareness of all organisms should be treated the way to moral,
For example, it should avoid suffering, or should promote the welfare of these animals. "


2006 associated with the Magic Movie - The Prestige (The Prestige)
There is mention every exciting magic has three steps:

The first step is "to false-generation real" magician will show off the real thing, but there must be fraud.


The second step is "The Italian Job", the usual stuff to steal into a fake, trying to figure out the secret, but you will not find.


The third step is called "miraculous." This is a step in the process is full of subversive twist, suspended between life and death line,
Ensure that you unprecedented shock! !


What is unprecedented shock?
For a long time the rabbit is a good helper when performing magician, or even a good props,
But they also have a temper, and we must treat him like a friend, like,
Otherwise one day it decided to rebel when the situation occurs on stage might not look good miles.



Situational full use of traditional film shooting and purge
camera: Nikon F3
film: Kodak Ultramax 400



About Us

● ViewFinder translated as "the camera's viewfinder."
● photographer through the viewfinder to the viewfinder to tell a story different angles, different colors scheduling, different compositions can exhibit each photo is not the same emotions and thoughts.
● ViewFinder original T-shirt, as a viewing window T-shirts by the creators of this canvas can develop freely in different forms of images, illustrations, or text.
● Whether humorous, everybody alternative, decadence, it lets put ViewFinder of reflection can show self-life attitude and style.


[Product Size]

● male version L: Shoulder 44 / Sleeve 20 / Chest width 53 / Length 73
● male version M: Shoulder 42 / Sleeve 19 / Chest width 50 / Length 70
● male version S: Shoulder 41 / Sleeve 18 / Chest width 48 / Length 68
● female version M: Shoulder Width 35 / Sleeve 18 / Chest width 42 / Length 65
● female version S: Shoulder 33 / Sleeve 17 / Chest width 40 / Length 63
PS female version of a waist; size form as cm, due to the elastic fabric, fabric color and other factors is some error, the error is approximately plus or minus 2 cm within the normal range.


[About goods]

● for Asian body type, after repeated adjustments, re-tailored the new type, fit does not close; and broken men and women version of the type, the male version of the version tidy, female version of a modified line.
● full use of moderate thickness 20 carefully selected combed cotton fabric, compared with the general market cotton Tee, combed cotton washed to remove impurities, short fibers and other complex workers continued, comfortable feel.
● logo printed are using Japanese elastomeric material, handmade by professional master painted over and over again, even if the force pulling the pattern is not crack, fade after washing and no problem.
● The working method is more complex elastic neckline rib cloth production, comfortable and convenient to wear off, washed too easy to loose; from raw material selection, sewing, graphic design printing, manufacturing throughout Taiwan.
● purchase of goods, have a dedicated home delivery box to protect the delivery, along with brand lock bag and tag.


Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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