Smile series handmade small soap: 2 random 20 into ~ wedding small things Mi Yue birthday Christmas exchange gifts

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~ Smile Series~ Little aunt Little girl Handmade saponins ‧ No fragrance. ‧ Little aunt or little girl is randomly shi


Smile series handmade small soap: 2 random 20 into ~ wedding small things Mi Yue birthday Christmas exchange gifts


☆ Rainbow Forest feels ‧ nature ‧ life ☆ a small corner of life It’s true that the mouth is slightly raised. ̇ ̇ ̇ ////////// ̇ ̇ ̇ Colorful colors come from plants and minerals, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, red, etc. ... without chemical pigments. The handmade soap of the Rainbow Forest is derived from nature. Natural unscented soap is a mixture of various vegetable oils or beeswax and alkaline water. The smell is quite close to the smell of oil and alkali; or the essence of the plant, the essential oil dripping into the chain, the pure dew Fresh plants or herbs and flowers give artificial flavor. Reduce the source of chemical allergies, rest assured ~ ̇ ̇ ̇ Our parcel shipments are properly protected with environmental protection concepts, and we want to use a small force to reduce the earth's carbon dioxide. There is no standard exterior made by the machine, and the resources are used to protect the package properly. Please don't mind the protective look that can be safely delivered. It is a beautiful view to unravel the strange anti-collision protection. . . ̇ ̇ ̇ /About the individual custom process / Please first determine the demand for soap gift 1. Soap style. 2. Total number of copies. 3. Arrival date (please customize) 4.Additional purchase (custom soap type, color system, aroma, word, packaging, urgent parts, etc.) (No special mention, soap is unscented, random color) The general or urgent items will be distinguished according to the above items: If it is urgent: Estimated status of general orders: arrival within 15 working days (excluding holidays) are urgent, and special orders are exceptional and may require more time. Please contact us first to ask if we can arrive on time. We are scheduled to complete the order and the arrival status of the account on the same day~ Please let us know first 1. Soap. 2. Quantity. 3. County, township and townships sent by. .................................................. ...... / About size, color, aroma / ‧The weight and size of the soap will change with the evaporation of water over time. ‧Colors are random, soap and packaging have a specified color, please inform us of another offer. ‧ Generally, there is no fragrance. If you want to add aroma, please inform us of the quantity, aroma type and other price. ‧ Unscented soap: Generally, there is no special proposal. It will be the taste of raw materials, plants and oils. It will change the odor over time and have sensitivity to odor. Please order aroma soap. ‧Soaping soap: The natural aroma is very different from the general chemical flavor. The natural aroma is difficult to have a long-lasting fragrance. After the full moon is ripe, the aroma of the soap surface is easily lost. It may not be close to the smell, but the interior The aroma will remain more, and when washed, you will feel the scent of the bursts. /About use and storage method / ‧Please arrive according to the date of maturity and start using. ‧When using, the hands are slightly damp, gently rub the soap, then rinse the water with water. ‧Please keep away from the wet, hot and light places and keep it dry. ‧We only use natural materials, there will be hoarfrost phenomenon and random condition of fading, natural aroma soap will not be so rich and fragrant, these are the characteristics of natural products.   Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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