✡The Happy Prince - informative heart ✡ blood red antique teardrop glass beads brass earrings

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✡The Happy Prince - informative heart ✡ blood red antique teardrop glass beads brass earrings


Please make sure to watch the "Trading Policy" in the store before you make the subscript. Please understand the number of days and rules

"I am willing to always be your messenger. "Said the swallow

Happy prince changed the last tears into colored gems
Swallow says it no longer goes to Egypt

These are about to be happy with the sadness of the crystallization
He let the swallows drop a drop
Sent to every place where you are going to be happy

Dedicated to every tear
So happy people.

Pure hand antique glass beads / pure brass ear needle / pure brass coil
(Can be changed folder-style ear or silver needles, see the details of "customized custom")
This section with pure brass material ear needle coil, so not afraid of water oxidation and long-term preservation

Like the big tears of beans as very small crystal clear
This kind of handmade glass as long as a little light can let the beads reflect the light
Brightness and workmanship are very meticulous and elegant
Embellished in the ears more affectionate love

Size information
Color: opaque blood red (ear hook, coil: brass gold)
Bead Size: Circle Width 0.5cm X Height 0.9cm
With ear hook size about 2.8cm

Use and maintenance mode
Most of the jewelry, will be afraid of sweat, or chemical (cosmetics or detergent) caused by fading and oxidation,
Do not go to the swimming pool or the beach, the hot springs are also try not to wear, try to keep dry and dry, generally wear, with a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and sweat, and then dry into the collection bag, keep dry Bright as new

● For details, please refer to the following
1. Gold and silver copper precious metals -
Can be worn on the body for a long time, not afraid of water, but because of sweat or skin care products and outdoor oxidation factors, etc., will cause such metal oxidation color change, brass can wipe the copper can be bright as new.
2. Natural stone, glass, pearl shell -
This kind of natural material is usually not afraid of water, you can gently wipe clean cloth can be, if the water can be touched with the precious metal, you can completely afraid of water.

Natural material size difference
Natural materials (glass, precious stones, pearls, wooden, etc.), because the material for each size are natural molding or hand blowing, can not be exactly the same, so the production of goods, will try to select the size of equal, as far as possible photo Material to make, but the material and the distance between the material is different from the length of the production will have 0.1-0.3cm slightly error, each natural material can not be exactly the same color and color photos, but we will try to go Make the least error, please forgive me

Customized Customization
Customization only accept the "size change, replace the ear, replace the wire chain color, the basic buckle color replacement", each replacement need to discretion to charge $ 65. If the other in addition to the need for special custom (for silver and other precious metal ear buckle head, for the fall, for production methods, etc.), please ask if you do not ask the index, both will be another offer, if both sides will accept Another open store exclusive subscript

Note: Please read or inquire in detail, you can fully accept the subscript
● Before making the subscript, please read the "Trading Policy" in the store to understand the number of days and rules
● Because each computer's color resolution is different, the color of the light when shooting, or the natural color of the material luster, there may be color conditions, but our photos will try to show the original appearance of goods.
● Packaging part we will try to keep the packaging beautiful and protect the goods, but does not guarantee that the packaging will be damaged when shipped.
● defective goods return rules see "trading policy - return policy"


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