"Green Forest Green Forest" yellow green tourmaline Zuohu eye stone 925 sterling silver bracelet

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"Green Forest Green Forest" yellow green tourmaline Zuohu eye stone 925 sterling silver bracelet


【**Products & Story Products & Story**】
What is the color of the quiet forest in the impression?

Trunk brown fresh green leaf sunlight gold

Morning noon yellow late afternoon red

The story of the forest is different every day

Indulge in the complicated life of you

How long did not go read it?

Tourmaline (Green)
1. Can inspire imagination, creativity, and create endless inspiration.
2. With rich and rich energy, and money, wallet, cashier together to gather the wealth of the function.
3. To develop people's mind, vision, to a more inclusive heart to treat all things in the world.
4. calm, clear, concentrated power, can make the mind clear thinking, act properly.
5. Can subconsciously raise, do anything can be absorbed, even when sleeping can be a safe sleep.

Tiger's Eye
1. To stimulate the courage of the wearer, enhance confidence.
2. Mobilize the flow and accumulation of wealth.

【**Size Size**】
Suitable wear hand ► customized according to demand
❖┅┅ To make you receive a more perfect baby, be sure to inform you about the size of your hand after ordering! Thank you! ┅┅❖

**Material Material**】
Yellow green tourmaline, tiger eye stone, high texture 925 sterling silver

【**use and maintenance methods Preservation**】
► All the products in this workshop are handcrafted in the best quality and have the most trustworthy quality, but do not use improperly (such as pulling strongly).
► When not in use, wipe the metal part with a soft cloth and put it in the storage box or zipper bag to avoid being exposed to the air.
►If the style is sterling silver, you can wipe a silver cloth, or use a soft cloth to wipe the face with powder, to achieve the same effect.
► Where to buy this workshop of goods, according to the complex goods, the minimum free maintenance (return shipping costs borne by the customer, inconvenience, please forgive me!).

【**Glim Gems Exclusive Service Glim Gems only**】
Anyone who purchases any item in this workshop is offered an exclusive service at Glim Gems - Find "My Guardian Crystal".
When ordering, please inform the seeker's name and the year zodiac (such as the 75 years tiger), will be able to reveal what crystal is best for you, the most can help you safe and healthy, everything is more effective, everything goes!

【**Brand Introduction About Glim Gems**】
"Genuinely natural and beautiful" Nature and beauty of the true meaning of only Glim Gems

Listen to the grievances of the gems? "We have the history of lead, but not the value of" old "
"Glim Gems" whichever means "natural glowing gems". Glim Gems believes that everything in nature is unique to all, just as natural semiprecious stones that look and feel the same in appearance are still different. Wash the established image of the traditional mineral gems to show art by the ultimate hand-made, such as the creative thinking of the wings, compromise the attitude of nature to give natural mineral gems to give you - the unique color and style. In the "Glim Gems" to find the most sincere pure self!
Origin / manufacturing methods
Place of Origin Made in Taiwan Pure Handmade & Limited Supply Pure Handmade & Limited Supply


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