The recall rolled up to give you customized version Crop titles backsheet key ring / gift

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The recall rolled up to give you customized version Crop titles backsheet key ring / gift


/ Commodity Description and story /

Let us become unique characters!
At the beginning of full of memories
The most important thing is people

Titles, photos and text Jieke custom, please give meatballs can be indicated in the mail!

Small caution: Please select photo titles, body complete picture! Or will be strange.

**Two kinds of film style selector**

A 11 photos
Second, the sixth six photos plus text (each 10 words or so)

If an extension is

A 22 photos
Second, the 12 photographs plus 12 paragraphs (each 10 words or so)
Please subscript this product again in the end zone extended film rolls additional purchase!

Production time 14 working days a conservative estimate, there are any questions, please contact the designer,
pinkoi mail reply slower, powder specifically respond faster!

**Please read before ordering customized teaching**

Photo after placing your order, mail to my mailbox, tinie3085 gmail
Please include your order number Order name order demand

Backsheet custom little knowledge and precautions

1 Extended backsheet middle there will be "transparent tape 'connected Bukejieshou who do not order.

2 backsheet custom shell random shipments, backsheet shell casing left behind after the shooting,
Non-full-new, slightly scratches or wear is normal, Bukejieshou who do not order.

Recommendation 3 photos are unified direction of the entire volume, look more comfortable.

4 basic models customized titles, the film likely to be involved negatives shell,
Once involved can not be removed, meatballs unable to make any reparation, Bukejieshou who do not order.

5 negatives involved in how to do

1: Do not want to shell negatives: the involvement of the backsheet as a strap, permanent storage memories
2: Do you want to film the shell; use scissors to cut from the film into the outlet, carefully cut the film shell, can be removed, but the shell would destroy the film.
3: Please remove the photo line: general line has taken a photo negatives tool, but because it is not true negatives, remove or destroy the photos usually scratch, risky
4: Remove the Internet looking for ways: on the Internet useful for double-sided sticky adhesive or other methods, is the most likely way to secure removal

6 film preservation methods
Avoid damp avoid heat inside to prevent mildew or backsheet protective film color film flips

7 negatives involved, please refer to the product page last video tutorials.

8 does not recommend the use of graph, is not recommended overexposed photos, group photos is not recommended, not recommended over black photos.
All causes unsightly imaging, such as photos in doubt ask designers,
Produced in full accordance with the guests give photo retouching not pay more or cut.

9 commodities transparent material, or on a cluttered background darker background, because revealing the background color, the visual confusion,
Recommend pure white or sunlight sky look reveals most clearly.

10 photo frame proportion 3cmX2cm, do not meet the proper proportions when cut, will be important to avoid a face or a body, do not accept the first informed.

11 straight horizontal image and a schematic image display.

12 square photos with rectangular photo (can not be cut because there are people who) placed schematic

Have any questions please use the message to ask Thank you!

About invoice or receipt issue

Because Taiwan law, the company monthly sales of less than eighty thousand yuan NT Free invoicing eligibility is met, as is the identity of individual studio meatballs in pinkoi opening, without making business registration (no TongBian), as consumers still is required to obtain purchase invoices or receipts, think again after the next single, meatballs with pinkoi can provide details and proof of purchase, there is a problem you can contact with meatballs, thank you.

Backsheet retractor instructional videos
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / handmade


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