<The most beautiful moment> Series plate plate / hero does not come DO NOT WAIT FOR THE HERO

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&lt;The most beautiful moment&gt; Series plate plate / hero does not come DO NOT WAIT FOR THE HERO


In Taiwan, the traditional classical burn plate printed on contemporary art with humorous sarcasm society style of composition.
The good-natured rustic vs spicy bold, Times two elements appear in the same dish, not coincidentally,
The new and the old are not mutually exclusive, that is harmonious coexistence
As the saying goes "into Chunni more quadrangle" in the past and will not change because of the new era and disappeared,
But in another form, depth and thickness of the accumulated experience and culture.

< >
Disorder in the world, do not expect a hero falls
Dogs and cats love nest in the cellar ruins
Take a Wukelili song hum Yin justice ♫
Singing all the blame will not forgive
North Korea has just woke up and found
To be touched a lot of people singing

/ Size / 10 inch
/ Materials / Ceramics
/ Operate and maintain /
Please sponge with a mild detergent, washing dishwasher can use.
Do not use metal brushes or abrasive cleaning utensils to avoid scratching.
Ceramic products taking care to avoid the collision damage.
Do not heat, not for microwave and oven.
Costumes, cooked food, be careful hot.

Origin / manufacturing methods

No time better than the present

Everyone has his or her own ideas about how the belle epoch should be, and these ideas are what drive one to live positively and creatively. In an ever-fast speed our world has been changing. Only through seizing every moment can one innovate and catch up with the current. Do not be stuck by any obstructions, because time never waits.

As artist, designer and urban observer, the Islanders Studio participates, observes and reflects on the culture and social pulses of the islanders. Taking contemporary cultural life and life style as starting points, we explore the characteristics of the contemporary islander culture. "Nothing better Than This Moment "Calendar is a work inspired by contemporary issues of our society, eg social alienation and tension, industrial pollution, and the over-exploitation of nature and animal. Art is a powerful means to examine critical issues of a society. If you look awry and act creatively, art with sarcasm and deep criticism can also possess a strong sense of humour!

HERO wo be ち ma se san
Products Cytec DANGER (width × height Connecticut): 26.3cm の x26.3cm
Ko の article ha, washing machine desu.
Ko の commodity in the library wa ga na ku na ri shi na ga ra sequence ended の Mi use may desu.
Starting from the different video game と su ku Information found イ su nn an have room Color of の い の ku tsu ka ba ri Eito ー シ Newspaper nn wo shi te ku da ni may sa i. Mika occasion Color of different na ru ga ga ご za occasions i ma si.
Taiwan で Design Connecticut made me cry i ma si te. In Taiwan.


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