Hand made bracelet_Sunburned giraffe who loves to travel

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/Product description and story/ The key figure is this black animal, IT'S sunburned giraffe. The sunburnt giraffe said: I have carving holes one by one, that is a small drying class, I want to remind everyone~



Hand made bracelet_Sunburned giraffe who loves to travel


~ Friends who have placed an order, don’t forget to note: Provide the actual hand circumference size (no need to add loose parts~), I will add it for you >>>>I want to give it away~ Please note how the recipient is called~ I have a thank you card handwritten by the designer himself! https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3749/18672434688_2f66588453_m.jpg /Product description and story/ The key figure is this black animal, IT'S sunburned giraffe. The sunburnt giraffe said: I have carving holes one by one, that is a small drying class, I want to remind everyone~ Don't stay at home and be a southern house girl!!! Come out and get freckles~ (Like me>ㄝ<) **This model is very suitable for friends who need vitamin D supplementation! ~What are you waiting for when you go out to get the sun?** "Pay attention to our buckle style" (not a general question mark tick! Please refer to the website) The thoughtful design makes it easy to buckle your own belt~ *Thick chain: the outside is painted paint --> will not fade, can touch the water (suitable for girls with beautiful thick lines, like me!) *Inner string thin chain: the same paint + brush with light gold --> will not fade, can touch water (the color of each one has been carefully selected! All-match skin tone!) Note: The pendant patterns of the bracelet are all developed and designed by M! Not ready-made! /size/ The width is about 1CM, and the length can be customized according to the size of your hand! Size: Can be customized according to the size of the hand~! / Material/ Only 40 grams! ~Super light~ Thick outer chain: The aluminum alloy is made in Taiwan factory, it is not easy to fall off the paint and oxidize, and it is not easy to break! The weight is very light! Durable and easy to wear~ (suitable for girls who are prone to collisions like us) no rust problem Inner chain: copper chain, electroplating + baking paint~ the quality CP is straight and super high!!!! / Use and maintenance methods/ You don't need to take it off for washing hands, you can touch water *It is not recommended to take a bath (this will exfoliate the skin...) *General maintenance and storage only need to be placed in the attached zipper bag! /Packing/ *Exclusive handmade packaging!!!!!! (The packaging season starts in the summer of 2015!!!!!!) The designer himself is a person who loves packaging and writing small cards~ So if you want to give it away... then you find the right one~~~!!! The works in Hall M are packaged and shipped with random beautiful wrapping paper~ https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5339/18859793055_b451d41436_b.jpg The LOGO on the carton is also hand-branded on it~ because it is hand-made So every box is also unique So as long as you want to give it away, please tell me~~I will help you don't have one more flower~~~~(This is a metaphor!!!~~~) https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5584/18672221898_44e4884215_b.jpg Wrapping paper ~ pick on-demand ~! But it is definitely everyone's favorite ~~ (I love it too!!!!) Each one is EVA hand-wrapped!!~Because I hope that every girl who receives it will smile~ https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5470/18672251478_719847f720_b.jpg https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5442/18673872249_5a6413e353_b.jpg If you want to give gifts~""""Don't forget to tell EVA what the recipient of the gift should be called after placing the order????"""" Because there will be a handwritten small card attached to it~ now everyone is used to using LINE~ Handwritten words and sentences still have their emotions, so I like handwriting~ I also insist on handwriting to all guests https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3734/18672367520_84a6150d99_b.jpg Thank you for allowing me to bond with you because of my work! FB search: Mmoment GOGO~~~~ https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8839/18431860926_3170b8767f_m.jpg Design Brand Introduction mission One day you can set up a stall while walking around the world with a suitcase! Introduction MY moment t is M, moment Life is like a bundle of threads, everyone has their own color In life, you will meet all kinds of different people, just like lines of different colors interlaced on the screen Through the creation of "line", simple line segments are presented in life, intertwined but so gorgeous and beautiful fragments However, at the intersection of the line and the line, the people, things, and things encountered by this moment make the moment of encounter full of touches and memories, which I want to express. I hope to keep the beautiful pictures through the way of online version creation and share them with us who are working hard. I hope to express the beauty of every little story through patterns, because patterns are the simplest language in the world The pattern is created and extended to the hand and body accessories, so that the pattern is not graffiti on paper The color of the line segment can have expressions, and the patterns can have emotions! M = MY That's mine, your beautiful story MOMENT is in the moment of life Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan/Handmade


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