Fancy Moon * toothy crocodile ‧ small silver necklace ‧925

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fancymoon ショップへ

Fancy Moon * toothy crocodile ‧ small silver necklace ‧925


/ Commodity Description and story /

Sharp teeth rugged armor
Some say he is the world's most ferocious animals ugly
But no where to set off ugly ugly beautiful beauty
And who is the world's most elegant NO.1
Elegant fell in gentle sunshine


Mining matte black treatment and maintain brushed; hollowed out the back, the head can be adjusted chain. Because the back of the non-planar design direction for small animals also due to slight movement about transformation.

/ Size, specifications, size, weight /

Wide 1cm / height 1.7cm (excluding head of the chain) / 0.8cm thick
(Both take maximum manual trimming Jie error, please forgive me)

Chain length 46cm 925 Silver
(Silver Chain style tailor wear according to the fourth main case section silver chain out of the direct equivalent of the right to substitute silver chain, the election shall not notice, please forgive me)
(Silver chain not included in the warranty, in case of rupture have encountered at cost price to re-purchase. Silver chain due to the strong degree depends on its thickness, structure and the way users wear, so life can not give assurance, please forgive me )

/ Material /

925 sterling silver

/ Packaging /

Small gift box, decorated with silver cloth, zipper storage bags, small warranty cards, paper bags

/ Operate and maintain /

1. A process of work black, the color will change with the friction; easier scratches the mirror works, all is normal. Shiny metal charm is different at any time. But as long as regular wear, will be able to maintain its luster, the more wear more bright.
2. Silver Nonwetted (groove, corner, slit at) long with black body easily, is a normal phenomenon. If like luster after the change, as long as the back maintenance, can be like new.
3. Avoid wearing spa area to cause curing and yellow black; please zipper storage bag when not to wear.
4. If dust, sweat, grease, available silver polishing cloth, or with water, soapy water, gently wash, do not rub hard.
5. When there is a slight silver yellow black, you can try using a cloth decorated with silver or silver washing water easy maintenance. But silver washing water will be slightly corrosive effect, will destroy the original vulcanized black effect, or cause shallow lines disappear, please use discretion.
6. regular maintenance, storage intentions, often wear, the best way is to treat every jewelry.
7. fine silver chain of machine production, the fracture can not wish to rely on manual repair, you need to re-purchase, do not pull hard when wearing.

/ Designers and brand profile /

Silver is a metal, usually gives the feeling of cold
But it infinite expansion, with a variety of fantasy to create
Ordinary things will eventually no longer ordinary

Life is the same
We have a lot of sad or happy experience
If we can leave these good experiences
Become our moving story
Seemingly ordinary lives that we will eventually no longer ordinary
Take that spirit to pass out
Let each come Fancy Moon buy jewelry friend
Can own story to take home a good save
Let our lives are distributed Fancy light
Continued collection of precious memories in his life

Fancy Moon * build silverware fantasy story

Origin / manufacturing methods
Hand Made in Taiwan


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