AGFC 3D Real Flower Earrings Order to make

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__This is an order to make product, please send message to our designer for enquires__



AGFC 3D Real Flower Earrings Order to make


Product:AGFC 3D Real Flower Earrings Order to make Use of flowers:Real flowers(which can be: Hydrangea, Carnation, Rose, Orchid, Pansy, etc.) Metal parts:24K gold plated earrings __This is an order to make product, please send message to our designer for enquires__ **Payment Policy:** - Please ask our designer if there is any suitable flower to produce before placing the order. - Each piece of jewelry is made of real flowers, so each piece can't be the same, and it is unique. Please think twice before placing an order, thank you. - Please confirm the payment after the designer replies to confirm that there is a suitable flower to produce. ** Shipment and delivery time: ** - After the payment is confirmed, designer will start making jewelry, and all the jewelry production will take 30-60 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and holidays). - The item will be mailed to you within 1 week after the jewelry is finished. - Depending on the destination, there are different delivery days, approximately 10 - 30 working days after delivery (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) **About AGFC** Sometimes flowers bloom, flowers fall and sometimes. It is very difficult to save the posture of flowers for a long time. After continually trying hard, we have finally extended the shelf life for each flower and concealed the best moment. I hope that every buyer who wears our accessories can enjoy the joyful mood when they enjoy the flower gestures anytime and anywhere. A.G.F.C. Hard-painted idiots use rare special techniques in Hong Kong. They use three-dimensional three-dimensional production to make flowers in three dimensions, making pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches and other accessories. Let the flowers pose three-dimensionally on the wearer. We will also develop new series on a regular basis in response to the flower season, so that we can make a lot of people feel more fresh, and we can also like our accessories to our relatives and friends. **Return policy: ** - Each item will be sold after rigorous inspection. Unless the item is seriously inconsistent with its description, we will not make any refund or return arrangements. - Factors such as light, camera or computer display may cause chromatic aberration. The actual and product photos may be slightly different. Thank you for your attention. ** Maintenance method: ** - The accessories are made of real flowers, wrapped in transparent resin to preserve the natural form of flowers. Normal wear will not deform or damage it. Do not pull or put pressure on the accessories. Put them back in the box after wear. - In order to preserve the natural color of flowers, we do not artificially dye flowers. In direct sunlight or in a humid environment, it is normal to have a little fading. The color of each color and variety is not the same, so it cannot be guaranteed to be permanently faded. To extend the color fidelity of flowers, it is recommended to store the ornaments in a dark and dry place with a moisture-proof damp bag. - The metal fittings on the accessories are 24K or more gold-plated, 925 sterling silver fittings with good color retention. - Please avoid contact with water, please remove the store accessories before washing your hands or bathing. ** Origin / manufacturing methods: ** Hong Kong Design, Made in Hong Kong


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