"Magnificent" - natural topaz sterling silver bracelet + emerald ghost Hong Kong Design


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  • Our original design. Never industry Chaozuo

    **Citrine emerald ghost @ Silver Bracelet**
    Wealth by Fu enhance guidance to success
    Color: golden yellow
    Origin: Brazil
    Chemical formula: SiO2
    Hardness: 7
    Material: natural topaz, emerald ghost, 925 silver (international standard grade 925)
    Size: ball diameter of 6mm x 11mm
    (Spar is hand polished, there is a difference between +/- 0.2)
    ***Our full use of natural ore and spar, guaranteed to be full of natural genuine; if to take leave, the price can double your money back.**

    Topaz is a soft and comfortable for distributing the energy of light, smooth and transparent, crystal belongs to the class of crystals and natural topaz is extremely rare, the market is mostly heat treatment, so that it can deepen the color spar, authenticity difficile. This energy stone is a symbol of the sun, bringing all the energy, as this powerful energy can bring wisdom, confidence and hope, and can improve vitality, positive action force gems, can bring power to achieve targets. Citrine and promote the effectiveness of purification and rebirth, so since ancient times regarded as an excellent energy stone treatment, and has been widely used. Citrine is a symbol of wealth, and wealth is the ability to bring together the "enrichment stone", and can bring the power of wealth (spiritual and material). Citrine can correspond to the sun gear (stomach wheel), can enhance the liver, stomach and pancreas secrete systems for constipation, stomach pain and other digestive diseases, can also play a very good effect. This energy can make us feel cheerful and stone, you can relax in a quiet, relieve stress and emotional balance, bring calm judgment, the introduction of a positive outlook on life.

    **Green Ghost**
    **Emerald Phantom**
    Green Ghost is also known as "Blue Phantom" is an extremely rare spar, can bring physical and spiritual aspects of a clear,
    Raise awareness, foster positive action force; can strong heart chakra energy, causing deep inner wisdom. This energy stone
    There create career, wealth, people can master destiny and create opportunities, in ancient times known as the "Green Hope Hope
    Green "; its energy and to coordinate physical, emotional and spiritual dimension, the heart, the lungs and the like with Huxixitong
    There efficacy of treatment.



    ** <Measurement method of hand Juan> **
    - Use a soft foot position around the wrist bone protruding bits of
    - No tension, they do not set aside space
    - Gently stick in your hand you can measure
    - Designer for you to adjust the length of the bracelet
    - Make more accurate measurement in cm
    **- Hand rings of more than 16cm are subject to such charges**

    ** <Commodity maintenance> **
    - Pay a brush and damp cloth bags silver
    - Silver cloth brush brush bright silver, but silver cloth can not be washed with water
    - Sterling silver nor can wash water immersion
    - When you do not wear can be placed in moisture-proof bags, can have oxidation purposes
    - Bathing and sleeping to win
    - Spar to spar more purification in order to maintain the effectiveness of energy
    - Bracelet in the future, if damaged, can be sent back to repair

    ** <Goods and services> **
    Taiwan to send two members to post time: -
    1. Registered Mail: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 5-8 business days can receive
    2 SF Express: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 2-4 days to receive

    Mail sent to Malaysia Time: -
    1. Registered Mail: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 7-10 business days can receive
    2 SF Express: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 3-6 days to receive
    **- Subject to shipping, please contact the designer**

    Other countries shipping time: -
    - Please contact the designer computing time




    From ancient times, spar on people's lives has an important impact on their richer connotation and implication remains to be discovered. According to stress, seeking truth from facts of modern science, the use of shock waves or crystal piezoelectric effect generated by manufacturing many high-end medical instruments. In addition, the energy spar school for spiritual healing have some secondary ye use, it uses magnetic field induction force energy spar, plus benefit human chakra operation to enhance their personal energy field. It has long been believed to spar emotional, mental, physical conditions and surroundings, which are regulation and protection.
    In addition, there are feelings spar see things and think the situation, their shape and color can extend the subconscious mind wants to convey. People can try to physically touch the crystal to enter its communication state; and a forward sense of the message frequency transmitter, a current issue from the brain, which shares the current into the faith, closely affect the interaction of body and mind .

    Crystalplus the store was founded in 2002, has been from the nature, importance of natural materials, careful workmanship characteristic spar, and through the "find, find, balance, coordination" approach to the design of different ornaments, breaking the general conventional design form and techniques, and original different style, into the modern sense of life change, convey design concepts deeper level. Our jewel designer aqua engaged spar-related work has been a long time, often heuristic different characteristics interact spar, and use different colors change, spar properties, and then to match each other; the gem science, science and aesthetics combined with a level of play and rich sense of color and design and with meticulous skilled technology to create innovative mind design jewelry.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin: Brazil, Hong Kong Design Handmade
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    アメリカUS$ 8.58US$ 1.03
    カナダUS$ 8.58US$ 1.03
    オーストラリアUS$ 8.58US$ 1.03
    マカオUS$ 4.12US$ 0.00
    シンガポールUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    イギリスUS$ 8.58US$ 1.03
    マレーシアUS$ 5.15US$ 1.03
    中国US$ 5.15US$ 1.03
    韓国US$ 9.61US$ 1.03
    日本US$ 9.61US$ 1.03
    台湾US$ 5.15US$ 0.00
    香港US$ 3.43US$ 0.00
    ロシアUS$ 5.15US$ 0.00
    その他の国・地域US$ 8.58US$ 1.03
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"Magnificent" - natural topaz sterling silver bracelet + emerald ghost Hong Kong Design





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