[Seven three tea hall] Three Gorges Biluochun / tea / small tin - 25g


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  • **Three Gorges Biluochun**
    Sanxia Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

    **March Biluochun and June green bamboo shoots, is the southern tip of the town of New North Three Gorges Green**

    **Product story**

    The Three Gorges is the only remaining professional fried green tea producing areas in Taiwan, the Three Gorges Biluochun is catching in the spring before the Ching Ming solar energy harvest before the bud, at an altitude of 200 meters hilly organic tea garden gravel and sandy loam, Tender green fragrance and the rain when the sweet fragrance, taking advantage of a year in the best time to fry the best green tea, the collection of hand pick the cable type of tea, the achievements of sweet, full of vitality and back to the Three Gorges Biluochun.

    The earliest produced in China's Zhejiang Dongting Lake District, due to the unique charm of the charm, so that the emperor Kangxi heard a man of Heaven to describe "scared scary", named "Biluochun": named from the clear broth Tsui " Appearance shape such as "snail" curly and meticulous, in the "spring" early collection of young tea buds made of green tea. Seven three tea selection of the Three Gorges Biluochun, it is selected from the tea industry has been inherited three generations of Mr. Huang Lao. Witnessed before and after the recovery of Taiwan's economic development, Mr. Huang Lao never raised the hearts of the idea of making money in the city, no regrets to place themselves in the rise and fall of the Three Gorges tea area, and now from the heart of the year, the body is still tough, eyes are still bright God, talking about his hand-made tea full of blood and self-confidence. Every year the game, the quality of tea and genuine kung fu, always accept most of the awards, the award-winning plaque to the details of the heap at home, tea factory warehouse. Last year, his tea garden passed the organic certification. Asked him: "Why do you like tea?" Mr. Huang Lao exposed as a tea-like smile replied: "and tea get along with him very comfortable, so that they feel that life is very valuable." Spare time, tea garden side dishes, enjoy leisure Leisure time, even if busy, but see the extension of the branches of the perfect blend of forest fragrance, let friends call friends to bring home tea and tea to buy tea, the next year's tea again meet again, it is a kind of So that the mouth, the hands and the hearts are warm up the warm moving.

    This period will be the law of the four seasons, is greedy miss, but also hit it off, the gentleman of the turn of the seemingly light is rich love contacts. Seven three tea hall to provide your Three Gorges Biluochun green tea, only the spring buds, for no reason, spring picking Biluochun green tea is a year of high quality green tea, Mr. Huang Lao insist on summer and autumn do not do Biluochun, because the quality is not good enough. Our production is actually very little, waiting for the fate of people, know how to appreciate our intentions, and seven one agreed that a period of real taste.

    **Tea producing areas of land**
    New North City Three Gorges area 200 meters above sea level hills organic tea garden gravel / sandy loam

    **Tea varieties**
    Green mandarin species

    **Picking season**

    **The degree of fermentation**
    Zero fermented green tea

    **Baking degree**
    No baking

    **Description of tea**
    Hand picking / cable type tea

    **Tea color**
    Clear light green

    Mung bean incense, vegetable incense, wet grass incense, seaweed aroma

    **Flavor description**
    Sweet and lively full of spring vitality, with convergence after the rhyme back to Gan.

    **product type**
    Tea / bag tea

    **Tea is simple**

    Tea bag * Mug heat bubble method
    1. a bag of tea 2. in the mug into the hot water 300ml 3. wait 5 minutes after drinking
    Tea * Mug heat bubble method
    1. Take the dry teaspoon to take tea 3g 2. In the mug into the hot water 300ml 3. Wait 5 minutes after drinking
    Tea * teapot Kung Fu bubble method
    1. Prepare the teapot 150ml
    2 to dry tea spoon access to tea tea 7g
    3. After boiling, cool down to 90 ° C hot water
    4. Soak time: first bubble 1 minute / second bubble 0.5 minute / third bubble 1 minute / fourth bubble 1.5 seconds / fifth bubble for 2 minutes.
    Tea bag * cold kettle cold bubble method
    1. a bag of tea 2. in the container into the room temperature cold water 600ml 3. frozen 4 to 8 hours, you can drink
    Tea * cold kettle cold bubble method
    1. to dry tea spoon access to tea 3g 2. in the container into the room temperature cold water 600ml 3. cold 4 to 8 hours, you can drink

    **Taste the opportunity**
    After three meals a day, summer cold bubble

    **Tea content**
    Three Gorges Biluochun tea leaves

    **Tea weight**
    Bag tea _3g / bag;
    7 packs / small tin cans (one week); 14 packs / large iron cans (two weeks); 28 packs / bags (weeks)
    25g / small iron cans; 50g / large iron cans; 100g / living bags

    **Quality specifications**
    Through the national pesticide residue standard SGS test

    / Origin and manufacturing method /
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[Seven three tea hall] Three Gorges Biluochun / tea / small tin - 25g

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