Filter017 - pillow - HKT Collection: Graphics Pattern Pillow Pillow hunting squad Series

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Filter017 - pillow - HKT Collection: Graphics Pattern Pillow Pillow hunting squad Series


Filter017 HKT Collection: Graphics Pattern Pillow Pillow hunting squad Series

Filter017 official debut pillow single product, combined with the tenth anniversary of the military team into the design theme HKT: Hunter-Killer Team hunting squad, a rare break with Taiwan brand manufacturers scale printing and dyeing cloth open way, because sophisticated printing techniques, will hunt Graphics Pattern image detail presentation team was more in place. Intimate and feel excellent removable pillowcase, except in special customized pillowcase washable impose Filter017 buttons replace the zipper sense cold, but also so you no longer worried afraid cleaning problems pillows. Design through the years, whether in the image or product design, Filter017 gradually towards a more close to life thinking and imagination, embrace the same spirit of the original intention of the design but integrating more closely with you my home small things and interdisciplinary product development.

HKT: Hunter-Killer Team hunting squad, described by a group from the last remnants of the soldiers after the war formed a joint guerrilla warfare team, harbor determined not regret going for the independent conduct of a heroic revolution vowed to resist. Through the years, Filter017 considered more important than the design is to deliver the core spirit of the people and the concept of creation, while HKT team's design theme is hunting would like to pay tribute to the spirit of independence, as an independent brand and independent orchestra founded on the creation of an independent people with the team. We hope that in the creation of an environment whereby the revolutionary spirit of unity in addition to rendering an outside force, but also reflects the current business environment creation and Taiwan are facing negative energy counter-attack, the lack of thinking of parrot and media operations of the market trend, especially small team to organize independent operations, but also efforts to try to adhere to self how not to be drowned in the commercial market realities.

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- Green paragraph -

Path Date Added: 2015/02/13 (e)
Size: 38.5 * 38.5 CM
Style: White / Green
Price: NT880 / USD32 / RMB188
Made In Taiwan Taiwanese manufacturer

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