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    「The turmeric with the highest content of curcumin ✔ turmeric blended into fresh sugar cane juice, made at low temperat
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    █ Big eye exclusive brown sugar turmeric
    During the process of sugarcane juice extraction, add turmeric, a rich turmeric-rich autumn turmeric variety, which lasts for dozens of hours to boil and boil. After crystallization, it is sprinkled with pure natural non-toxic turmeric powder. The ancient production process, using artificial, only after cooking on a large fire, brown sugar is crude, without bleaching, refining and other processes, retaining rich minerals and vitamins, nutrients higher than the average refined sugar, sweetness only sugar Thirty-five percent.

    █ Big brown sugar
    Puli has a good climate, abundant water, and few strong winds. The sugarcane stems are straight, the festival is long, crisp, sweet and juicy. Since the Japanese occupation era, Puli cane has been well-known throughout Taiwan. However, due to the complexity of manual brown sugar, it is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the times have changed. The economic value of sugar cane is not like the past...

    Cooked with firewood, fired by hand, and repeatedly stirred in the process. The air is filled with sweet candy, and the brown sugar fudge in the boiling pot is removed with a wooden stick. The crisp and mellow taste is unforgettable for a long time... These processes and tastes It has been replaced by a large number of factories.

    █ Big eye turmeric
    Turmeric, which is a genus of turmeric, is one of the main spices of curry. It is commonly used in Nanyang cuisine. It tastes bitter and spicy, with a little tulip. Among them, the Qiuyujin variety "curcumin" has the highest content. Curcumin has the functions of promoting metabolism, changing the ecology of bacteria, replenishing nutrients, making bowel movements smooth, and supplementing after childbirth... Southeast Asian women use turmeric fried rice as a healthy and nutritious month.

    Turmeric tea (turmeric powder + turmeric brown sugar block + ginger), turmeric stewed beef, turmeric rice, turmeric milk... warm your stomach.

    █ Passed international standards
    Passed TUV without pesticide residue test certificate,
    SGS 310 no pesticide residue test, SGS no heavy metal arsenic lead cadmium mercury, SGS no xanthine toxin, SGS no E. coli

    █ Applicator
    3 years old - 90 years old, returning to natural, natural and unprocessed eating habits, replacing excessively refined diet, civilized diseases, environmental pressure, high-sweet high-calorie sweets into comforters...

    [Return to coarse food]
    Those who like sweets may wish to abandon the exquisite processing of sugar and switch to handmade brown sugar, which is healthy and healthy.

    █ Recipe DIY

    . Big-eyed private room - Pan-fried five flowers
    Appropriate amount of pork belly, beer (quanted over the meat), pepper, turmeric powder, salt, onion, brown sugar turmeric, mixed, marinated in the refrigerator for one night, directly on the next day, the degree of deliciousness makes people impress!

    . Turmeric brown sugar ginger tea
    Turmeric brown sugar (appropriate amount) + ginger sheet + 500c.c, boil over low heat, cook for about 20 minutes.

    . Turmeric brown sugar milk
    500c.c fresh milk + appropriate amount of turmeric brown sugar, mix well, heat with fine heat (with constant stirring) to micro-roll.

    . Longan jujube tea
    500c.c water together with longan dry (30g), red dates (12), turmeric brown sugar (appropriate amount) placed on the gas stove to heat, boil after high heat, turn to low heat for about 20 minutes.


    Product Name: Handmade Turmeric Brown Sugar [Single Can]
    Product weight: 150 grams ± 5%
    Ingredients: sugar cane, turmeric powder, no preservatives and pigments (vegan).
    Shelf life: save the leap year at room temperature.
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Handmade brown sugar turmeric block - ruddy little secret

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