Papero paper scenery DIY mini model - Rally (purple) / Mini Rally Car (Violet)

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Papero paper scenery DIY mini model - Rally (purple) / Mini Rally Car (Violet)

商品説明 **About PaPeRo** From South Korea] [Papero local minority focus on the design and manufacture of home crafts designer brands, particularly in the changing styles of delicate paper model design products Zhucheng. In terms of design and product selection, [PAPERO] because everyone on Earth, as well as our natural environment, insist that all products are the use of environmentally friendly renewable materials and environmentally friendly soy inks, rigorous checks each channel processes. Hope beyond good design, but also from production processes do not harm the environment and biodegradable product design. Speaking [Papero] most proud of the paper model design, not only continues the consistent "eco-friendly" spirit, in order to allow all members of each family sizes are easier to feel personally complete paper model of fun, [Papero] using detailed 3D angle calculation and precision cutting technology, both at the time of dismantling the paper size or a combination of small parts, only to be unarmed stressed to complete! All without the use of any tools and adhesives, can be pure enjoyment regardless carefully, step by step construction of a paper model of brainstorming and creative fun. Because of this structure also has beauty, filled with innocence and understanding of design, [Papero] paper model series design, also received including Germany's iF Product Design Award [] and [] GOOD DESIGN Award and other awards Korea successive affirmation. Light model components, because color printing crop marks, therefore, the edge will be a little color, but does not affect the whole shape, be sure to know before buying, thank you. Precautions ◎ commodity schematic color slight deviation, please to real product colors prevail. ◎ This product contains small items, beware of swallowing, to avoid danger of suffocation. ◎ prohibited for children under 3 years old. ◎ Do not close to the fire. ◎ Because parts of this product carefully, please before consumers buy, be sure to read the instructions related merchandise, after ordering as it opened, except as commodity defects, does not accept the return. Such as inconvenience, please forgive me! **^ O ^ About Nu fruit. Frutti di Nuli** Nuri If you want to be around a temperature of life partner, meet all you think is comfortable for everyday life. If efforts have been working on is ... on the planet, collecting referrals for your intelligence and ingenuity unique items. Whether it is style home. Entertainment groceries. Dining tableware. Instruments small things. By sharing the value of life and hope for the world to add more, through you if you designed a beautiful soul. Origin / manufacturing methods Korea


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